Foundation Orient-Occident (FOO) (MOR-31)

Type: Socially Excluded Groups: Migrants - Country: Morocco

Brief description and main aims

Foundation Orient-Occident (FOO) is a Moroccan non-profit organization recognized of public utility. Intellectually and practically conceived as a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean, its mission is to come towards the difficulties of migrants, refugees and the disadvantaged youth, and to promote employability by setting up socio-educational and professional training centers. Foundation Orient-Occident also works for the protection of diversity, and for the valorization of all cultures. Nowadays the Foundation is present in several Moroccan cities, namely Rabat, Oujda, Casablanca, Larache, Safi, Youssoufia and Khouribga and in Italy. In addition, the Foundation carries out advocacy work at the international level, particularly in the framework of its participation to global meetings such as the World Economic Forum.

Cultural Exposure

Geographically and figuratively speaking, Morocco is the “Door of Europe”. Each year many immigrants and refugees from southerner countries of Africa arrive illegally in the country and frequently get stuck for a while in bad living conditions. National programs exist to offer them educational, professional and cultural support reflecting the tradition of solidarity and hospitality that characterizes Morocco.
The international volunteers will work as a team with the national volunteers, therefore they will be able to observe and discover not only the immigrants’ way of life but also Moroccans’ habits and culture though practical and social involvement.
This kind of project is usually very rewarding on a personal level for the volunteers because if their implication is genuine they will rapidly feel they are making a real change in the lives of the refugees whose only chance to get access to a better education is this type of program. By working closely with national volunteers, the international ones will have the opportunity to quickly develop ties with locals and get involved in the community not only at work but outside as well.

Main Activities

  • Teach communication classes
  • Cultural activities
  • Work camps
  • Seminars
Give the chance to immigrants and refugees currently in Morocco to master basic skills and improve their communication skills in order to encourage their integration and make it more likely for them to find a job.

Volunteer tasks

  • Non-formal teaching of French, English, basic math for the youngest, etc.
  • Take part and/or organize sport activities and recreation programs
  • Promote the diversity of cultural expressions (try to organize once every 2 weeks a cultural activity)
The volunteers will be able to take part in all the other activities that CSM and the national volunteers are already carrying out with immigrants and refugees (especially children and teenagers) in a center in Rabat that we have rented for that purpose.


Volunteer requirements / Skills

  • Have common sense and assertion
  • Strong motivation
  • Believe in cultural exchanges when it comes to promote peace and stability
  • Be able to take initiative
  • Flexibility, responsibility and patience
  • Be willing to get involved in all the activities that they will carry out  with the local volunteers: language support, cuisine workshops, support sports activities etc.
  • At least a medium level of French is required for this project


The project is located in Rabat, the capital and fourth largest city of Morocco with an average population of 580,000 people. It combines both Mediterranean and Oceanic influences on many aspects. Rabat’s climate is mild and temperate, with cool winters and warm summer days. The city is quite dynamic as far as cultural activity is concerned thanks to many structures (Theatre Mohammed V right in the city centre, Cinema Renaissance, official galleries and the archaeological museum) and active associative work.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteers will live in host families or shared apartments, depending on availability. Further information will be given in due time.

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