CSPA (Social Center for Elderly People) (MOR-36)

Type: Health: Elderly - Country: Morocco

Brief description and main aims

The objective of this project is to provide decent living condition to elder people in situation of deep poverty and social exclusion or isolation (homeless and without family support), fight against elder’s mendicancy and encourage their socioeconomic insertion.

Cultural Exposure

By working in this center, the international volunteers will be in contact with many locals and will have the opportunity to get to know Moroccan’s habits and ways of life and get involved in the community at work as well as on their spare-time.

Main Activities

This elder people home hosts about 40 elders (60 and +) and offers them accommodation, restoration, medical follow-up and protection.
  • Organize different activities in order to encourage social cohesion and integration.
  • Provide them with legal assistance/council.
  • Give orientation advice and help the development of lucrative activities.
  • Rise awareness about elder’s mendicancy
  • Extend the project to other poverty-striken region
  • Create a “Regional observatory of elder people precariousness” and develop a database and monograph of elder peolpe assistance

Volunteer tasks

  • About 4 to 8 hours of work per day from Monday to Friday
  • Take care of the elder people and accompany them in their daily tasks
  • Assist the realization of leisure activities and workshops
If the volunteers have any knowledge and/or interest in the matter, they can assist the paramedical staff.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

  • No previous working experience required
  • Enthusiastic, positive, dynamic, patient and respectful people needed
  • Medium level of French and/or English required
  • Willingness to develop ties with other nationalities and learn new things, of course we encourage everyone to follow the pace they feel comfortable with


The project is located in Rabat, the capital and fourth largest city of Morocco with an average population of 580,000 people. It combines both Mediterranean and Oceanic influences on many aspects. Rabat’s climate is mild and temperate, with cool winters and warm summer days. The city is quite dynamic as far as cultural activity is concerned thanks to many structures (Theatre Mohammed V right in the city centre, Cinema Renaissance, official galleries and the archaeological museum) and active associative work.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteers will live with host families where they will be given 3 meals per day. Further information will be given in due time.

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