Become an ICYE Host Family/Project

Host an international volunteer in your home!

In a fast changing, globalised world, the knowledge of other cultures and customs is crucial. Hosting a young person from another country in your home can be an incredibly eye-opening and enriching experience. It will enhance the understanding of social and economic differences and the interdependence between nations and peoples.

If your family is open and eager to learn about another culture, willing to provide a home environment, a bed, a space to live and study, and share their meals with a foreign young person, please get in touch with the ICYE National Committee in your country.

Welcome an international volunteer in your organisation!

If you would like to host a young volunteer from abroad in your organisation, to offer her/him a place to live, to work and learn together with other volunteers and professionals, do not hesitate to contact the ICYE National Committee in your country.

Experienced ICYE co-workers are looking forward to paying a visit to your project. They will provide you with detailed information about the hosting programme.

In case your project is not able to provide accommodation, ICYE will find a host family, possibly close to where your organisation is located.

In recognition of the educational value of intercultural learning and international voluntary service, ICYE wants to further increase the number and types of opportunities offered within its worldwide network of more than 800 host voluntary service organisations.

Want to host a volunteer?

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