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75 years of Global Citizenship

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ICYE provides intercultural learning experiences and opportunities in more than 40 countries, especially supporting young people in building personal and professional competencies through international volunteering. Together with the volunteers and the communities, we promote global solidarity, social justice, gender equality, peace and environmental sustainability.

Are you motivated to face the challenge of being confronted with something new, as well as to learn more about yourself and the world we live in? Through our short– and long-term exchange programmes, you can be part of a unique international educational experience that combines intercultural learning with voluntary service opportunities.

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We offer you an opportunity to spend time abroad in one of our 41 member countries worldwide, supporting local community projects. We offer many types of projects ranging from human rights organisations to environmental protection.

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A Call for Peace

War is never a way to solve a conflict – only dialogue and the appreciation of difference. We urge decision makers all over the world to end armed conflicts, become active partners on global disarmament, contribute to de-escalation and commit to transnational cooperation. .

ICYE is a Federation of members in 41 countries worldwide who contribute to peace and solidarity through exchanges and international volunteering. For 75 years, we have been promoting intercultural understanding, diversity and social justice, while building bridges between people in all their diversity. We express our solidarity and engagement along with activists everywhere in the world to promote peace and non-violent conflict resolution.

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Our South to South Scholarship Fund was established to provide the young people in the Global South with an opportunity to engage in international volunteering through ICYE.


It is challenging to support South to South exchanges due to high costs and lack of funding. With this fund we aim to contribute to more inclusive volunteering and strengthen the global solidarity within the ICYE federation.

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“I learnt a great deal of humility and gratitude from working with and supporting the children at my project, they really had a lasting impact on me and how I viewed the importance of giving back and taking time to really understand the plight of marginalized communities and social inequality.”

VanessaKenya to Colombia

“To me voluntary work is a very enriching experience to grow as a person because it is a way to give back to others the blessings I have had in my life. Also, it helps to recognize some privileges that we take for granted.” 

EstefaniaEcuador to Kenya

“I spent my first few months mostly with children, myself, and sometimes my co-workers and I just watched and learned. There’s a lot you can learn by just observing a person or an environment.”

MogoiKenya to Ecuador