Children Welfare Center Lalla Meryem Center (MOR-32)

Type: Health: Disability, Socially Excluded Groups: Orphans - Country: Morocco

Brief description and main aims

The center Lalla Meryem is part of the Moroccan League for the protection of children. They host orphan children from their birth until the age of 6 years old. Some mothers bring them and leave them there because of their personal situations and the children stay there until the center finds the right host family for them. They also host some children that people found abandoned in the street and took them to the center. Those who are handicapped often stay there until they die and the center takes care of them until then.
They can host up to 200 children, although there are currently 123, among them 50 are handicapped. They suffer from IMC, trisomy 21 or down syndrome, motor handicaps - some of them are in wheelchairs - or mental disabilities that keeps them from having a normal life, like autism.
They all benefit from specialized social workers and doctors who work in the center to provide them the right assistance.

The orphans in the center benefit from a social, medical and educational follow-up in Rabat public and private schools (their education starts at the age of 3 years old, before that there are nurses in the school who feed them and take care of their general needs).

Cultural Exposure

The center hosts several disabled children or children in very difficult situations therefore the volunteers will take part and observe their everyday life habits and culture through practical and social involvement. They will get in touch with national volunteers and social workers in the center, which give them the opportunity to get involved in the community, not only inside the center but also outside, when they finish work.

Main Activities

• Organize educative, sportive, artistic, manual and cultural activities with the children.

• Life council and regular meetings with the families to orient the kids toward adapted activities.

• Medical support and follow-up of the children. The children are divided into 4 age groups: 4 to 7, 8 to 11, 12 to 16, 17 to 20.

• With the younger groups, the main focus is personal development, socialization and scholar integration.

• With the oldest groups, the main focus is the development of lucrative activities and socio-professional integration.

• With the kids who suffer from heavy and cumulated disabilities, the main focus is the development of their sensorial skills and autonomy and socialization skills.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteers will be able to participate in all the activities of the center:
  • Assist the professionals in their daily tasks (Shower the kids, walk them around, prepare meals, etc.). This would be a good way to learn the job as the social worker will be here to answer all the questions and train the interested volunteers.
  • Help with feeding the babies and carry out the outdoors activities
  • Learn about procedures of adoption and circumcision in order to be able to give extra help in the matter in case of need.
  • Take initiative and propose activities/workshops (f.e music, painting, etc.)

The volunteers will never perform any task alone, always under the supervision of a social worker.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

  • No previous working experience required
  • Enthusiastic, positive, patient and respectful people needed
  • People psychologically prepared to work with children suffering various disabilities
  • Willingness to develop ties with other nationalities and learn new things, of course we encourage everyone to follow the pace they feel comfortable with


The project is located in Rabat, the capital and fourth largest city of Morocco with an average population of 580,000 people. It combines both Mediterranean and Oceanic influences on many aspects. Rabat’s climate is mild and temperate, with cool winters and warm summer days. The city is quite dynamic as far as cultural activity is concerned thanks to many structures (Theatre Mohammed V right in the city centre, Cinema Renaissance, official galleries and the archaeological museum) and active associative work.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers will live in host families where they will be given 3 meals per day. Further information will be given in due time.

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