Tribhuvan University Central Library (NEP-51)

Type: Art/Culture, Administrative - Country: Nepal

Brief description and main aims

Tribhuvan University Central Library was established in 1959, it is the best and largest modern library in Nepal. In 1969 it was rated by the British Book Department Council as one of the best libraries in Asia. The library is also the largest in the entire Asia pacific region. According tu TUCL, it comprises about 400 000 different resources; including books and newspapers from the 12th Century and rare collections like Bibliotheca Himalayica. 

The library is generally visited by about 1500 readers, amongst them, 1000 are the students from the Tribhuvan University. Citizens from any nation can become members of the library just paying a very small amount of money.

Unfortunately, the devastating 2014 earthquake in Nepal damaged the library severely. The library Management Committee is doing its best to reshape and rearrange the library, however, the progress is still slow and needs the support from volunteers from around the world.  

Cultural Exposure

Kirtipur is an ancient city of Nepal, located 5 Km to the south-west of Kathmandu city. Kiripur is one of the famous religious places to visit in the Kathmandu Valley. You get to experience unique and fascinating Newari customs and culture during your stay. 

The city is sorrounded by several antique villages, historical temples, Gumbas and churches. It is also a popular area for out of town students and professors to rent houses, due to the presence of Tribhuvan University. As a result, the students and professors from outside are major contributors to the local economy of the Kirtipur City. 

Volunteer tasks

Volunteers will carry out variety of tasks. Among some of the major roles and responsabilities are: 

  • Arrange the books properly. 
  • Check books availabities. 
  • Make sure that everything is properly clean and in silent. 
  • Look after the project and communicate with the staff for other effective activities. 

Volunteer requirements / Skills

For this project we don´t need any specific qualifications or previous experience. However we think that a volunteer must: 

  • Have a strong willingness to work in rearranging the books of the library.
  • Be ready to explore a new culture and able to adapt to new situations.
  • Speak English. 
  • Be respectful towards Nepalese culture, traditions.
  • Follow appropriate dress codes when working.
Note: It is important that the volunteer takes into account that kissing or hugging in public places in Nepal are considered as vulgar. 


Kirtipur, Nepal. 

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a Host Family, within a 15-20 minutes walk from the library. The family has 5 members and will provide accomodation and food for the volunteers. 

The volunteer will have to share the room with other volunteers from other nationalities, who are joining the same program. 

More Information

A maximum of 2 volunteers can work at this project. Volunteers have to check with the hosting organization in advance to see is the project is still available.

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