Institución Educativa Departamental Santa Inés (COL-102)

Type: Education: Primary school - Country: Colombia

Brief description and main aims

To improve social inclusion and opportunity by providing educational opportunities for all. The I.E.D Santa Inés, located in Silvania, offers preschool, basic and intermediate levels of education and courses in food preparation, electronics and formal education for adults. With a belief in social inclusion, the educational institution offers learning to everyone.

Main Activities

  • Various programs of education (jardin infantil, preescolar, primaria, secundaria, media, adultos)
  • Special education for disabled students
  • Music presentation of school classes
  • Environmental projects
  • Language classes

Volunteer tasks

  • To help students (mostly) in 5th and 6th grade with English classes or substitute classes 
  • To run a language club for a group of 10 students who are keen on improve their language abilities
  • Day trips to the rural headquarters of San José La Pradera and John F. Kennedy to help with the environmental projects. (e.g. music projects) 
  • To attend a weekly agricultural class to learn and share vocabulary and ideas. (It depends on the class – some doesn't want to participate) 
  • To prepare the students to participate in the “English song day” which will be in October by improving their presentation and pronunciation
  • Helping out in the library and/or office

Volunteer requirements / Skills

  • Willing to share their knowledge and exchange experiences with young people, in an environment of respect
  • A person who respects authority with a moral code which complies with the rules of working within an educational community
  • A person who can form good interpersonal relations
  • A person who wants to work and be proactive in order to benefit the educational community
  • Someone who can maintain a relationship of respect and friendship with the young people 
  • Someone who likes music

Important: Must be willing and able to support young people in education.


The project is located in small town called Silvania (In municipality there are around 22.000 inhabitants), located at 1.470m above sea level and 44 km away from Bogotá.

Offers wide variety of highlights and typical food, making it a very popular weekend destination for the Bogotanos.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteers will live with a host family.

More Information

Volunteers needed: 2

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