ICYE-EASTLINKS Training Seminar to improve quality delivery of EVS Programme activities between EU and CEEC countries

Training course for youth workers/Budapest, Hungary/20-27 October 2001

The aims of the training seminar were twofold: on one hand to enable ICYE and Eastlinks network members to improve the quality of youth mobility activities, especially in relation to the EVS programme, and on the other, to share knowledge and expertise to ensure the meeting of the minimum quality standards as spelled out in the YOUTH Programme guidelines.

These aims were accomplished through the training of staff/youth workers on the distinct phases of the establishment and implementation of EVS long-term voluntary service exchanges, and on intercultural learning and team building techniques. Equally, this seminar aimed at identifying and assessing the needs of ICYE and EASTLINKS members in relation to fundraising, lobbying, advocacy and training for trainers. By adopting a peer-to-peer training approach, this seminar secured a homogeneous level of knowledge and expertise between the more experienced and new networks’ members (i.e. in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) resulting in  enhanced quality and innovation of the EVS programme between EU and CEEC countries.