YOUTH IN ACTION – EURO-LATIN AMERICAN Seminar on Youth Leadership and active Citizenship

EURO-LATIN AMERICAN Seminar on Youth Leadership and active Citizenship/Sambo Creek, Honduras/26 June to 2 July 2004

Final Activity Report

This seminar held in the Caribbean environment of SAMBO CREEK, Honduras from June 26th to July 2nd, 2004 brought together one youth worker/youth leader and one local authority / policy makers from distinct European and Latin American countries, to discuss policy and practice related to youth participation. Participants reflected upon and learnt about the situation of youth participation in each others’ countries, increased their knowledge on different ways to enhance youth leadership and active citizenship, including youth mobility and non-formal learning experiences. The European Commission’s White Paper on Youth and the resources provided by the Youth programme were presented and discussed as ways to encourage young people to make an active contribution to the development of society. Particular emphasis was placed on the ways and means to enhance youth participation by young people who do not have access to associative life and non-formal learning experiences.