Youth Action for Civil Society

Building Capacities and partnerships for youth volunteering programmes between European, African, Asia/Pacific, Caribbean and Latin American Countries

  1. EU- African Training Seminar on EVS Capacity and Partnership Building (Dates: 29 March – 04 April 2009 / Venue: Accra, Ghana) / Final activity report
  2. EU – ASIA (Different European and Asia/Pacific venues / Timing: between March and October 2009): A 2 month reciprocal job-shadowing between selected ICYE EU members and partner organisations in China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Taiwan and Vietnam)/Final activity report
  3. EU- Latin America and the Caribbean Training cum Planning Seminar on “active role of women in Society (Dates: 12-18July 2009 / Venue: Quito, Ecuador)/ Final activity report

The Project “Youth Action for Civil Society” aimed at enhancing the exchange of experience and good practice in the field of youth volunteering as well as the development of sustainable partnership between youth organisations in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific. The project consisted of distinct objectives and strategies to enhance: the training and transfer of know-how around long-term EVS projects between ICYE members and partners in Europe and Africa; on-the-job training and exchange of good practice between Europe, Asia and the Pacific; and training cum planning for partnership development and volunteer exchanges between youth mobility and women organisations in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. The main activities were: a Euro-African training seminar in Africa on EVS programme management followed by a 7-month action plan to pair organisations thru in-country job shadowing, on-the job training and joint EVS activities; 2-month reciprocal job shadowing to enhance partnership building and the capacity of AP youth organisations to plan, implement, report and document long-term EVS projects between Europe and the Asia/Pacific regions; and a Training and Partnership Building Seminar in Latin America on the active role of women in society and to promote EVS exchanges between participating organisations.