Jyoti Academy (NEP-49)

Type: Education, Children - Country: Nepal

Brief description and main aims

Jyoti Academy is a co-educational institution which offers education from nursery to 10th grade. 

The school was stablished in 1997 and is located in Sitapaila, Kathmandu district. The school is commited to enhance student´s holistic development through professional and experienced teachers. The motto of the school is "Everything is possible to a willing heart", this motto carries a strenght of positivity in learning and teaching. 

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer will: 

  • Be teaching English and coordinating with a local English teacher. 
The volunteer is encouraged to use creativity and can organize various learning extracurricular activities; like games, singing, drawing, sports and quiz contests. 
The volunteer can also participate in school trips or extra classes held by school teachers. There a several possibilities, volunteers just needs to show their enthusiasm! 
Other activities
  • Play educational games with children.
  • Develop activities that fit the student´s needs. Prioritizing listening and speaking classes. 
  • Help some children individually to develop their English level.
  • Make educational activities with the students, where they can practice according to their own language level and courage them to speak English more openly. 
  • Be a role model to the students. (It is forbidden to smole or drink in front of the students).  

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer must: 

  • Have good collaboration skills.
  • Show enthusiasm and the ability to maintain motivation and reliability. 
  • Have confidence in their knowledge and the subject that they are teaching. 
  • Have good management skills to ensure the effective support.
  • Have a positive ability to inspire and encourage children in learning and exploring their multiple talents.
  • Show creativity and initiative when planning and taking part of activities. 


Sitapaila, Kathmandu district.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers will stay at the Hostel, they will have to share a room with volunteers of other nationalities joining the same program. 

Lunch and dinner are provided by a family who lives in the hostel. For vegetarians the choice is usually limited to rice, vegetables, lentil soup and pickles. Volunteers will have lunch at the school at 01:00pm and dinner at the hostel between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. 

More Information

A maximum of 2 volunteers can work at this project. Volunteers need to check with the hosting organization in advance to see if the project is still available. 

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