Xitata Lutheria Africana (MOZ-36)

Type: Art/Culture, Youth - Country: Mozambique

Brief description and main aims

XITATA is a project that appears to provide practical knowledge and experiences related to the sonorous universe of the African continent. Had their origin in Mozambique, with the intention to retrieve the local traditions soundtracks that were gradually losing due to external influences.
It was orn with the vocation to enlarge the imaginary beep on the African continent within and outside its borders, in value and local technical knowledge related to the field of music and traditional instruments, bring to society in general, part of the immense material and immaterial cultural heritage.
We bet on diversity and coexistence of cultures and rhythms. Our ultimate goal is to democratize and Decolonize musical artistic production, and contribute to the enrichment of culture, such as resistance to a globalisation that tends to become invisible and mix some practices and knowledges. We believe that in this way, also contribute to the conservation of musical memory of peoples.
We position ourselves from a profound respect for nature. It is our source of inspiration, and also provide the raw materials that allow us to produce musical instruments. XITATA has a strong commitment to the sustainability of natural resources and by a production with the lowest possible ecological damage.

Cultural Exposure

The project has one site. In the central and urban area of Maputo. Generally, the communities offer ease access to diverse kind of facilities like banks, including ATM, internet access, hospitals/health care centres, local transport from one place to another (especially between home and work placements), shops, entertainment and so on. The volunteer will be working in this site on the schedules of the work planned.

Main Activities

Creation and Production.
Our purpose is to make known the musical instruments of the african roots, their languages and their sound possibilities, as well as promote the art of construction of instruments of artisan way, claiming the value of manual work and care outside the production in series.
Participatory research
We promote critical analyzes and pro-positive about aspects related with la musicology, music theory and the colonidade. It also concerns us, the environment and the ecological impact that can cause our production, by which we focused studies to find new sustainable materials and raw materials.
Training and dissemination
We have different courses and workshops to approach the African culture through its instruments of music. We support on social medias to spread and show our knowledge and participate in other areas of work and reflection related. With this we have a multiplier effect and create dialog and exchange bad beyond our geographic boundaries.

Volunteer tasks

The placement offer a range of activities for the volunteers amongst other we can mentions the following:
  • Teaching and/or delivering trainings recycling used material to produce several artefacts, sewing, painting, crafts and other vocational art;
  • Working with children at public Schools in the community (teaching about cultural Diversity, Produce end teach how to play the mbira;
  • If having knowledge, delivering training of craft for the beneficiaries;

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Due to our nature, we accept of all type of volunteers as soon they are willing to cooperate with us and also believe in purpose we are pursuing. Nevertheless, we would be happy to have someone who:
  • Very communicative no matter the language;
  • Have manual skills (painting, drawing, crafting skills, etc);
  • Woman or Male;
  • Age between 23 to 35 years old but not limited to that;
  • Passion with the community work;
  • Open to learn and ability to share personal experience;
  • Active, creative;
  • Interest in learning about the social and community context.



Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Mozambican Host Family

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