First High School for Hearing Impaired (FHSHI) (PHL-66)

Type: Education, Disabled - Country: Philippines

Brief description and main aims

The First High School for Hearing Impaired (FHSHI) is a high school in Cebu City that teaches people with hearing disabilities since 1982. Currently there are limited colleges or even government schools that offer relevant educational opportunities to people with disabilities such as hearing impairment, visuall impairment, physical impairment and learning disabilities.
FHSHI commits itself in offering education to children with special needs through relevant life long learning skills, allowing them to have equal opportunities. All teachers use an active learning process employing the cooperative learning procedure, all in sign languages. Computers are connected to the web, which makes students more interested. We work to engage more children and make them understand that school is a fun, friendly and fostering place.
Our main aims are to:
  • Apply appropriate speech/ language practices that maximize the residual hearing of the students
  • Increase the students’ vocabulary and comprehension skills to enhance learning capabilities
  • Help promote learning opportunities through cultural exchange programs and activities.
  • The provision of education to PWD is at the heart of PADS, and we are proud to support such an institution.

Main Activities

The project's main activities are:
  • Compile all the conducted activities especially in the speech/ language sessions and classes.
  • Train at least 1 to 2 Special Education teachers to continue its program implementation in speech/ language
  • Organize intercultural activities for the teacher and student.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer is expected to:
  • Develop/prepare learning materials and visual aids
  • Assist the teachers in daily classes
  • Facilitate sports activities/ events for the students and PWD
  • Assist the staff/ trainers/facilitators in volunteer preparation activities
  • Assist the staff in the daily office work like development of promotional materials like print, audio and video presentations
  • Assist other relevant activities of the organization

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer must:
  • be flexible, open minded and able to adapt to local life situations 
  • be sociable and easily able to mingle with Official, staff, volunteers without prejudice, etc.
  • be committed to regular updates/reporting/monitoring through mobile, online communication
  • be independent and require little supervision
  • be willing to learn sign language/ or knowledgeable in sign language is advantage
  • be innovative, industrious, adventurous, creative and fun loving


Macopa St. Basak. San Nicolas, Cebu City

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a Host Family. (Expect to have a shared room with your host sister or brother). 

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