Fundación de la Santa Cruz (COL-130)

Type: Education: Teaching languages - Country: Colombia

Brief description and main aims

Project "way of life - responsibility + choice" has 2 prinicipal aims:
1. To prepare the children and teens living in our foundation both as human beings and professionals for their life after leaving our foundation.
1a. Self-esteem, to learn recognizing decisions in life and make those informed, as well living responsibly based on values towards one-self and environment. Furthermore networking, social interacting. Above 
through project work.
1b. Learn the value of doing homework by yourself instead of copying, English, Office-package, draw up a CV, conduct of interviews and introduction into a profession through cooperation with partner organizations based on government guidelines.
2. To develop the project and tools enabling a global roll out and implementation through a network of partner organizations in order to achieve a change in our way of life as we do today.

Volunteer tasks

• Supportthe children and teenagers(age 10-15) with their homework
• Work with the different teachers to help with and propose activities and work projects with the children and teenagers
• Plan activities helping to teach English
• Leisure activitiessuch as sports

Volunteer requirements / Skills

We are happy to receive volunteers with experience in pedagogy, education, teaching or psychology, as well as homework or school support. We are even more happy, if you got none of the above BUT a huge interest to work with children and teenagers, as well as sharing your passion and knowledge with 
others, as well as being self-sufficient and proactive, e.g. prepare material and lessons according to age groups, come up with own ideas how to achieve something.


San Francisco is a coffee and banana producing municipality of 10,000 in the Colombian Highlands. Located in a beautiful valley about 50kms outside of Bogotá, it features a very nice climate of always above 20 degrees, feels like 25 at about 1'400 meters (town) and 1'600 meters (foundation) of altitude, aprox. 1'000 meters below Bogotá.
Our foundation is part of a coffee finca and about 15 minutes walk from town. It´s just beautiful and idyllic

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Living in the project. Both board and lodging is on site. There is 5 meals a day, 3 main + 2 small ones in between. Further, lodging is in separate housing from the kids housing with own private bathroom and shower.

More Information

There is space for 1 volunteer at this project.

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