Jardín Botánico “Las Orquídeas” Puyo (ECU-116)

Type: Environmental/Green Projects: Environmental awareness raising - Country: Ecuador

Brief description and main aims

The Rescue Center of the  Amazonian Flora, “The Orchids” Botanical Garden, is a model of environmental conservation, dedicated to ecosystem restoration in degraded areas, becoming a stage mainly for preservation and conservation of environment through scientific research, environmental education and tourism, being also a recreational alternative for humanity.

Main Activities

The project is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating strategies, guidelines and actions to consolidate a culture of respect for the natural environment, contributing to the defense and protection of the environment through scientific research for the amazonian flora and fauna.

Volunteer tasks

  • Develop educational materials for students and children
  • Assist in maintenance activities of the garden
  • Grow edible species, medicinal, craft, ornamental and timber species with compost prepared in the garden
  • Assist with the identification of species of flora and fauna that there are in the garden.
  • Write profiles on several Websites (national and international organizations of orchids and botanical gardens)
  • Support research and identification of new species of flora and fauna
  • Strengthen activities with the families of the surrounding communities
  • Support the inclusion of disabled people in activities within the garden
  • Assist in the preparation of meals using products from Amazon
  • Look for funding and develop projects that strengthen the several activities of the garden and the community

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Volunteers should be able to speak at least an intermediate level of Spanish, and have an interest in environmental conservation. We recommend that volunteers and interns stay a minimum of one month in order to get the most out of their stay. 


The farm is located about 1.5 hours from Quito. The farm of 20 hectares boasts panoramic views of the Andes. The farm is a small community of 2 families, and is located above the main community of around 40 families. It is well connected with frequent buses to Quito, Otavalo or the main town for supplies and internet.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a host family.

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