Synergy Village (CHE-51)

Type: Environmental/Green Projects: Ecologically friendly agriculture - Country: Switzerland

Brief description and main aims

Synergy Village is a non-profit association. The aim is to welcome guests and visitors on the property and to use the space for cultural, social and sustainable events. As the name Synergy Village indicates, many of the activities are based on the principle of "creating synergies" by creating win-win situations on a non-monetary basis. As an example, volunteers contribute to the place with their work and knowledge, while they have the opportunity to learn new things, develop their own ideas, immerse into a new society and meet people from all around the world. 

Main Activities

From autumn to spring, all the rooms are rented out to long-term tenants. The house has then the feeling of a shared housing community. The principle of Synergy Village is that everyone who visits is part of the community that is always set up by the current visitors (guests and volunteers).

Furthermore, Synergy Village rents out function rooms in the renovated barn for all kind of events, such as cultural, social and creative events, workshops, corporate or private events. In addition, Synergy Village also organizes its own events, such as a yearly open day, a market or a summer night BBQ. 

Volunteer tasks

• Help in guesthouse with guest check-in, prepare rooms, laundry, cleaning etc. (only in summer months)
• Help at events with preparations and running events
• Outdoor maintenance such as lawn mowing, lake leaves, harvesting, pruning etc. (depending on season)
• Gardening for vegetables and flowers: weeding, planting, irrigating, harvesting etc.
• Landscape gardening: digging, make paths, stairs, walls etc.
• Creative and decoration work
• Help with renovations
• Cooking and baking for community and events

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Volunteers should have proven artisan and/or gardening skills to be placed in this project!

• Knowledge of English; willingness to learn German
• Flexibility regarding workload and tasks
• Love for outdoors and outdoor work
• Good communication skills
• Sense for life in a community


The project is situated on a centuries-old property, which was used as a traditional farm back in the days. It's a beautiful place with a magic grotto, idyllic gardens, green farmland, and old traditional houses. Also, a private spot at the Lake of Zurich is part of the property. Synergy Village consists of 3-4 board members and some active members who regularly help on the property.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

This is a residential project.

More Information

Number of volunteers in project: 1-2

NB: Only with a start in January/February!

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