Uniendo Caminos (ARG-21)

Type: Education: Primary school - Country: Argentina

Brief description and main aims

We accompany low-income teens to finish high school. We have 7 School Support Centers located in: Villa 21-24 -Barracas-, in Bajo Boulogne, in the neighborhoods of Colegiales, Coghlan, San Telmo and 2 spaces in Villa 31 de Retiro.

Main Activities

“Uniendo Caminos” is a social organization that works three times a week to provide support for social inclusion in the educational system. They work in 5 different places in Buenos Aires. Most of them are located in neighborhoods of the City of Buenos Aires. Here's a video of the organization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6D9zUMIvgo

Volunteer tasks

  • Help young people with their homework. They will work with groups of volunteer teachers who support students, children with courses in languages, social sciences, mathematics, biology, literature, etc.
  • Volunteers will have meetings every week to discuss some topics and better understand their social interventions as volunteers. As well as to better understand the social, historical, political and economic of Argentina
  • There are activities organized by volunteers to have exchanges, such as festivals, workshops at school, etc.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

  • High level of Spanish
  • Initiative to propose activities independently
  • Sensitivity to social and economic problems
  • Flexibility to adapt to the structure and the way of working in Latin America
  • Teamwork
  • Creative and motivated person
  • Interest in the development of young people
  • Specific artistic requirements


Subir al Sur works with two of the educational centers located in marginal neighborhoods. The "villa" (poor neighborhood) is a non-formal neighborhood, which has started small and has grown considerably over the years. In the slums, the majority of the inhabitants do not have access to basic services: only 5% have sewerage, 96% do not have gas, 76% do not have a formal connection to the public electricity system and 90% of the population does not have access to running water.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers are received in our volunteer house, located in the City of Buenos Aires. They usually take their lunch at the project. It is important to be flexible in eating local food. For the rest of the meals, they will have what is necessary to cook in our house. Get ready to live in a community environment!

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