Faraja Education Center (TZA-43)

Type: Education: Kindergarden - Country: Tanzania

Brief description and main aims

This  is  the  education  centre  found  in  Tandale ward; it was established   several   years   ago by   Mr.   Salum Kapondafor  with the  purpose  of  helping  children  coming from  low-income  families  to  access education and extra  curriculum.  In  2021,  FARAJA  enrolled  55  kids who  aged  range  from  2–5  years  and  hosted  5  staffs (4  teachers  and  a  cook). The  centre has  experience in host long-term volunteers since 2016. 

This is the education centre found in Tandale ward;it was established several years agoby Mr. Salum Kapondafor the purpose of helping children coming from low-income families to access educationand extra curriculum. In 2021, FARAJA enrolled 55 kids who aged range from 25 years and hosted 5 staffs (4 teachers and a cook). The centre has enough experience to host long-term volunteers back in 2016.

Main Activities

The centre’s mainly focuson ensuring that all children fromthe  age  of 2 –5  years  regardless  of  income, background, circumstances or abilities could understand, embrace and enjoy the many components of written and spoken words. A  part  of  teaching  kids,  FARAJA  works  to  support primary  and  secondary  students  with  additional  skills after they class time.Also, the centre conducts sports and games every Friday. 

Volunteer tasks

Specifically, the volunteers can assist with:

  • Childcare
  • Teaching children to learn and practice counting, singing, drawing and writing
  • Organizing sports & games
  • Supporting administration stuffs
  • Helping kids to cross the road to go back to home
  • Organizing charity events
  • Teaching youth & adults English language

Volunteer requirements / Skills

This project is suitable for volunteers who:

  • Are at least 18 years of age at the time of arrival
  • Have a good knowledge of spoken and written English
  • Are willing to work in an extremely poor environment
  • Are flexible in adapting to cultural differences
  • Are proactive in organizing their work
  • Having experience to work with children under 6 years.


The project is located in Tandale, Dar es Salaam. Tandaleis the biggest slum in Tanzania  and,  despite  its  improvements  during  the last few years, it is still considered as one of the most challenging areas in the city in terms of infrastructures.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers  will  stay  with host  families. The host families  provide  3  meals  a  day. Normally,  volunteers take daladala (a local minibus) from/to the project.

More Information

ATMs are available in the area.If volunteers want, they can bring books on English grammar, toys etc.

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