Joutseno Folk High School (FIN-33)

Type: Education: Teaching languages - Country: Finland

Brief description and main aims

Joutseno folk high school (Joutsenon opisto in Finnish) is a folk high school which aims at offering high quality education and supporting the individual growth of their students. The school focuses on open university studies, language studies and art studies. Joutsenon opisto is a boarding school where the majority of students both live and study. The folk high school has five full-time teachers, about 28 part-time teachers and 11 people in supporting services (administration, kitchen, maintenance). They have some 110–120 students per year. The students come from all over Finland.

Main Activities

The syllabus consists of the following programs: Open University Program, English Language Program, Teacher Training Program, Arts Program, Japanese Language Program, Intermediate Japanese studies and Finnish Language Course for Immigrants. Sustainable development is important for Joutseno folk high school. Every summer they also have the so called “Joutseno’s Art Summer courses” for eight weeks.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer works with the staff according to one’s own interest; in the classroom, office, library or kitchen. The volunteer has a good chance to learn Finnish and to get to know the Finnish school system and Finnish youth.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The most important is the volunteer’s attitude towards new people and things. We hope that the volunteer is an open-minded and social person who gets along well with different kinds of people. We also hope that the participant is self-contained enough. Because Joutseno folk high school’s buildings are quite old, the physical environment of the workplace unfortunately is not suitable for people with physical or sensory disabilities.


Joutsenon Opisto is situated in Lappeenranta, South-Eastern Finland. Joutseno is a part of Lappeenranta town. The population of Lappeenranta is about 72,000 and in Joutseno there are about 9,000. The railway station is about two kilometers away from the folk high school and the bus stops are less than one kilometer away.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer lives at the Joutseno folk high school’s student dormitory house where also the students live. The folk high school can offer an own room and full-board from Mondays to Fridays, when the meals are provided at the school restaurant.

More Information

Usually 1 volunteer

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