Inter Stars Soccer School (BOL-103)

Type: Socially Excluded Groups: Minorities - Country: Bolivia

Brief description and main aims

Inter Stars Soccer School is a non-profit,  non-governmental organization with a general objective: To be a sports institution specializing in promoting human development of Bolivian children and young people of low economic resources through the practice and opportunities generated by professional football and amateur in the interior or exterior of the country.

The organization works with children and teenagers from low income families that could or had been part of drug addiction, gangs, juvenile delinquency, interfamily violence.The main objective is to train people before players - educate them based on values and teaching them English, thus opening more doors in the future.

Main Activities

Inter Star Soccer School offers programs and activities as an alternative for psychomotor development, adequate use of free time, integral training in order to prevent social phenomenas such as drug addiction, gangs, juvenile delinquency, vandalism, school dropout, child labour exploitatio and interfamily violenc.

The organization promotes sports discipline and health, seeking the construction of values and principles of solidarity, social coexistence, respect and tolerance that contribute to the consolidation of a sport culture. 

Volunteer tasks

Strengthen preventive programs against addictions, drug addiction and the process of change based on linguistic and physical training of students, participating in children's activities, preparing workshops on different topics, working in The streets informing other children about the project, taking the children to friendly matches, championships, workshops, etc. If the volunteer speaks Spanish well they can participate in therapeutic groups. The project is open to new ideas such as music, languages, other sports or any kind of skills that the volunteer has.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Volunteers need to :

  • have intermediate knowledge of soccer
  • be physically fit 
  • be fluent in English
  • be open minded
  • take initiative
  • have creativity
  • be patient
  • show a lot of affection for children.

The volunteer has to be prepared to work in a difficult context and reality because working with children with low resources can sometimes be difficult. Motivation is very important and some knowledge of Spanish is preferable. 


The project is located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The project can provide housing for short program from 1 to 2 months. For a longer time period, the will be staying with a host family.

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