Type: Health: Disability - Country: Spain

Brief description and main aims

FADEAM (Fundación El Avets de Moià) is a public non-profit organization for adults with learning disabilities. The organization’s focus is on fostering relationships with people with disabilities to achieve a homely and inclusive environment. The association forms part of the International Federation of L’Arche Communities (www.larche.org).


Main Activities

FADEAM is a residential service with a focus on daily life, sharing house tasks, celebrations, the good and the bad time. It has two homes housing around 17 disabled people, called Els Avets and L’Olivera. It also has an occupational centre where residents get experience that prepares them for the world of work, with activities that contribute to their integration into society.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer is expected to participate in daily tasks and the community in general, accompanying the resident in their daily life – including day-to-day care (e.g. personal hygiene) and the high and low moments (special celebrations, loss etc.). The volunteer will be supporting the work of the staff there. This includes:
  • Establish a trusting relationship with the residents.
  • Personal hygiene care (showering, getting dressed, toilet etc.).
  • Take part in communal activities like games and meetings, and help out and take part in special occasions (parties, fayres, celebrations, etc.).
  • Partake in weekly house meetings
  • Plan activities with people inside and out of the house, alongside the team
  • Partake in daily domestic tasks around the house such as cleaning, ironing, washing, cooking, shopping for the house etc.
The volunteer will work appproximately 30 hours a week. Each week they will have 1-3 days off, plus 2 days off per month for holidays. These two days can be joined together so that you can have a longer period off. 

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer's should:
  • Be motivated to form relationships with people with learning dsabilities. 
  • Be enthusiastic and flexible.
  • Have a responsible attitude.
  • Have a basic-intermediate level of Spanish and an interest to learn Catalan (which is generally spoken by the residents).
  • Driver licence (it's not essencial).


Our community is situated in Moià, in central Catalonia and 50km north of Barcelona. Moià is the capital of the area, with a rich historic, natural and cultural heritage, and many archaeological artefacts. It is a small town of about 6,000 inhabitants and many traditions and parties. Our residences and workshops are located in the centre of the town, contributing to the mobility, integration and independence of the disbaled people and the volunteers at our centre. There is a bus service connecting the town with Barcelona and Manresa.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer can either live in the residence with the disabled residents – this option is given priority upon the volunteer’s arrival as it allows them to integrate into the project better and learn faster about the area – or share an apartment with other volunteers.
Volunteers tend to get their own private room.

More Information

If the volunteer is interested, the application should be submitted at least 10 MONTHS BEFORE their desiring starting date. 
Pocket money: the volunteer will get a monthly allowance of 150€.
Language classes: volunteers will receive language classes in Spanish and Catalan. The frequency of these classes, will depend on the volunteer's level. 
Training and support: volunteers will have a mentor who can monitor their progress over the course of the project, answer any doubts or questions they might have and help them with any problems that arise. 
The volunteer will attend regular meetings with the other volunteers to share their experiences, and will attend all team meetings.

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