Kainuu College (FIN-30)

Type: Education: Teaching languages - Country: Finland

Brief description and main aims

Kainuu College (Kainuun opisto in Finnish) is a learning institution and adult education center that is open to all and offers many opportunities. Website: https://www.kainuunopisto.fi.

Main Activities

The mission of the college is to organise general education and vocational training, provide support, inspiration and services for hobbies and provide guidance in further learning and active citizenship. There are about 100 students in the college, and the college has about 20 employees: principals, teachers, secretaries, cleaners, youth and leisure instructors... The values of the college are pietism, Kainuu virtues, balanced and active citizenship as well as a safe culture and environment.

Volunteer tasks

Volunteers can (depending on their interests) e.g. study Finnish in our courses and assist in English courses – for instance in lessons that focus on speaking English or using the language in different practical situations. They also take part in daily duties, such as duties of the kitchen and office of student affairs, cleaning and working with the host/hostess of the student dormitory. In addition, they participate in planning and organising student events and happenings. When the volunteer arrives we will plan a schedule together, so that the volunteer will have a chance to participate in planning of their duties. 

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The language of the college is Finnish, so we wish that the volunteers would be interested in studying Finnish. To assist in English courses they need some English skills. An open mind, social skills, the ability and motivation to work in a new environment with new people as well as a positive attitude are requested!

The physical environment of the workplace is unfortunately not suitable for young people with physical or sensory disabilities. For instance, there are many floors in the buildings but no elevators.


The college is situated in Mieslahti which is a village in the municipality of Paltamo. Mieslahti is located about seven kilometers east of the town center. The village has about 350 inhabitants. The nearest city Kajaani is situated some 29 km away from Mieslahti.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers live in a dormitory near the workplace. The room is a single room, but the kitchen and washing facilities are shared with others.

More Information

Usually 1 volunteer

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