Parque Naciones Unidas "El Picacho" (HON-51)

Type: Environmental/Green Projects: Environmental awareness raising - Country: Honduras

Brief description and main aims

Parque Naciones Unidas “El Picacho” is part of the Fundación de Parques Nacionales de Honduras, a public institution that promotes and contributes to the conservation, improvement and administration of national parks and protected areas of Honduras. 
The park and foundation aim to promote and contribute to the conservation, improvement and management of the ‘Ecological Conservation of National Parks Plan’ of the Honduran government, within the context of the country’s sustainable development, directing, in an efficient and effective way, the resources it has in coordination with the efforts of the municipality’s and national government and other governmental and private institutions akin. It is based next to a zoo called “Rosy Walther” (another Project of the ICYE Honduras network), and to El Cristo de El Picacho, a monument portraying the image of Jesus Christ which has become an iconic shrine of Tegucigalpa

Main Activities

The park has different activities with the main aim to conserve forest, environment and tourist-cultural resources, particularly involving neighbouring communities. It also raises awareness on environment conservation among the park’s visitors through environmental education, which is similarly done by visiting schools to do educational presentations on the subject. The park has different areas for all the population, which is very common that inhabitants of Tegucigalpa, for example, spend their weekends visiting the park, with several trails, lookouts, plazas, kiosks, picnic areas, canopy, among others.

Volunteer tasks

Volunteers can support any area of the project according to her/his abilities and interests, such as:

  • an environment instructor carrying out non-formal education activities like teaching daily lessons on environment education (teaching people how to protect nature and how to use the natural resources responsibly) and visiting schools to raise awareness on the subject
  • support creating manuals on environmental education
  • make inventories of different plant species.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should: 
  • be at least 18 years old. 
  • know basic Spanish and English.
  • be interested in the environment, concerned about ecology and the protection of the environment
  • be aware of social issues
  • have a good physical condition
  • be highly motivated
  • be very responsible
  • have her/his own initiatives and ideas,
  • be dynamic, communicative and flexible
Experience and/or training in teaching environment education is an asset.


The project is located in  Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán and Parque Naciones Unidas “El Picacho”, Francisco Morazán.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a host family.

More Information

The project is available to start in August and February every year for 6-12 months.
Social media:
  • Facebook Page: Fundacion de Parques Nacionales El Picacho
You can request more information of this Project contacting ICYE Honduras:

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