Animal Shelter "Nadezhda" (RUS-21)

Type: Environmental/Green Projects: Animals - Country: Russian Federation

Brief description and main aims

The animal shelter “Nadezhda” (Hope) was founded in 2011, and it looks for homes for abandoned and homeless animals. At the moment, the shelter houses130 dogs and 30 cats.
It aims to treat, train and rehouse these animals as well as to raise awareness through local events and the media.

Main Activities

The shelter provides necessary medical help, treatment for fleas and worms, and vaccinations against infections and rabies. Females are always sterilised. The shelter also interacts with the trapping service to remove puppies and dogs with owners from the pound. We use both online and printed advertisements, as well as outreach work in villages, to help find homes for our animals. We also work actively with the media: our animals have been featured in newspaper articles and television reports.

Volunteer tasks

Volunteers’ will mainly help out in the following areas:
  • Dog walking and training
  • Assistance with medical treatment
  • Organising social and awareness-raising events
  • Assistance with building maintenance and reconstruction
  • The shelter’s staff members work from 10.00-17.00, but volunteers start a little later, at 12.00

Volunteer requirements / Skills

  • Experience of working with dogs;
  • Volunteers should not be afraid of needles (or they should be willing to overcome this fear);
  • A knowledge of basic veterinary principles would be very welcomed;
  • Any practical skills in the treatment of injuries,intravenous therapy, vaccinations and sterilizations would be very welcomed;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Ability to use a hammer;
  • Practical skills in reconstruction Knowledge of
  • Russian is very welcomed.


The project is located in Samara.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers will live either in host families or in a flat shared with other international volunteers in the city of Samara.

More Information

Please bring comfortable clothes for working in as well as casual clothes for free time.
Be aware that summers in Samara can be very hot (30°C) while winters are very cold (-25°C), so pack accordingly.

You should always have a change of clothes with you for the project – you will probably get quite dirty and won’t want to travel home on public transport in your work clothes!

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