Basida Navahondilla (ESP-3)

Type: Health, Disabled - Country: Spain

Brief description and main aims

BASIDA is a charitable, non-profit association that has been declared as a Public Utility since 1996 and has the general aim of providing attention to people in need from a biopsychosocial point of view. 

Originally BASIDA worked with final-phase AIDS sufferers. Now, this work has been expanded to any kinds of illness. What all users have in common is that they need assistance in day-to-day life. 

BASIDA has 3 houses located in Navahondilla (Castilla y León), Aranjuez (Madrid), and Manzanares (Castilla La Mancha). All three are located in rural, isolated evironments, outside of (but connected with) the nearest city or town. 

Volunteer tasks

Volunteers are there to help and support the staff. They will never substitute them. The volunteers will have a mentor who will guide them specifically in the tasks they carry out.
Volunteers will work a maximum of 38 hours per week from Monday to Friday. The schedule time will be principally during the morning. 
Volunteers may participate in all activities in the centre, always taking into account factors such as the volunteer's profile, their previous professional training and their personal preferences. Considering these aspects is fundamental i allowing the volunteer to integrate and adapt to the dynamics of the hosting home and at the same time, to empathise with those being treated. 
Some of the most frequent activities to be carried out by volunteers are: 
  • Personal attendance to users: hygiene (bath, clothes, etc.), basic tasks (waking up, eating, etc.).
  • Help with physical rehabilitation activities and occupational therapy activities for their cognitive rehabilitation: walks and gym. 
  • Participation in workshops (carpentry, gardening, painting). 
  • Collaboration with the organization in making workshops and occupational activities: magazines, theatre, computer science, yoga and relaxation, sport activities, etc.
The volunteers will participate with the other volunteers in the daily home activities. There are some activities (laundry, kitchen, cleaning their room, etc.) that are not part of the specific work as a volunteer, but part of general help, as the volunteer will be aprt of the community. Every person living in Basida has to collaborate to keep the residence in good condition. 
Evenings are free. Volunteers can participate in the activities held at Basida (theatre, workshops, etc.) if they want to. Be aware that living at the residence can cause a feeling of being overworked, as you may always be helping people. The volunteer has to be able to keep some leisure time and to care for his/hr well-being. 
The volunteers will be supported by mentors who are always available for guidance and support. 


Basida Navahondilla.
It is located in the little town of Navahondilla about 70km from Madrid. Navahondilla is in the Ávila province (Castilla and León). It is set within a very natural environment, with various points of interest, Navahondilla is connected by bus to San Martín de Valdeiglesias (from this town the buses leave every 30 minutes. It is 1 hour away from Madrid).

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will stay in a shared room . Please keep in mind that the house does not have wifi.
The volunteers live in cohabitation, i.e. you spend your day with the workers and other volunteers and also with the users.

More Information

Please keep in mind that there are a couple of rules that need to be followed in this project:
  • No leaving or entering the residence at night
  • No drugs (including tobacco) or alcohol
Please bring some comfortable clothes.

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