Promoting Interethnic Dialogue and Intercultural Learning

Training for EVS sending and host organizations in EU, African and Asian countries

  1. EU – AFRICA Training Seminar/Cape Town. March 10-15, 2008/Final activity report
  2. EU – ASIA Training Seminar/Bangalore. April 20-25, 2008/Final activity report
  3. Final Evaluation and Follow-up Meeting / Berlin. July 1- 5, 2008/Final activity report / Practical Guide for ICYE/EVS Trainings in EU & Partner Countries

Within the larger framework of the “European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008, the objective of the training programme “Promoting Interethnic Dialogue and Intercultural Learning – Training for EVS sending and host organisations in EU, African and Asian countries”, was to enhance the skills of staff members, co-workers, mentors and project supervisors of EVS sending and receiving organisations by sensitising them to the importance of promoting cultural diversity and fostering intercultural learning at every stage of the EVS project. This objective was achieved by introducing trainers and youth workers to diversity-thematic and to intercultural learning methods. A group of experienced trainers from the 3 continents developed training modules based on the specific country and cultural context. This training project enhanced the skills of the participants giving them fresh inputs, which will reinvigorate their work with youth towards achieving greater understanding and respect within a globalising world. At the end of the project, we believe that both participants and trainers have deepened their knowledge and experience in the field of intercultural learning and have gained a better understanding of the cultural, social and political dynamics to be considered in working with volunteers from different cultures and countries, particularly between the EU, African and Asian countries. Furthermore, the tools and methods introduced during the trainings will give participants the expertise to infuse intercultural learning concepts in their own work with youth, thus functioning as multipliers.