Volunteers at the Interface between Formal and Non-Formal Education

ICYE’s Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project “Volunteers at the Interface between Formal and Non-Formal Education” seeks to reinforce links between formal and non-formal education. Formal education is the structured education system, we know from schools and other institutionalized forms, whereas non-formal education is not compulsory and is often obtained outside the formally organized school. Non-formal education is about the liberating potential of new forms of learning that are learner-centred, motivating, experiential, and inspiring.
The two forms of education are different but complementary.
Bringing the two streams of education together will result in education that stimulates motivation for learning as it focuses on the needs and aspirations of each student.

The aim of the project is to make learning an interactive and collaborative process that inspires young people, in particular youth with fewer opportunities, to partake in learning and acquire knowledge. The majority of young volunteers worldwide are engaged in formal education such as schools, adult education centres etc. This project aims to strengthen the volunteers’ work and contributions in the formal educational projects. Therefore, volunteers will playa key role in supporting teachers and educators to introduce and use new methodology in the classroom to improve delivery of formal educational content.

The project will be realized through different components:

– Training for non-formal – formal education in February 2016, in which participants will gain knowledge about principles and methods of learning.
– A long-term EVS project for 8 months from April 2016, which involves 16 ICYE National Committees, 12 host projects and 14 volunteers.
– Training of volunteers during the EVS, so they have knowledge about formal and non-formal education with which they can approach their projects.
– Evaluation of the project to take place in March 2017

Final activity report from Vienna – Training on formal and non-formal education methods.