Human hands NGO (ARG-32)

Type: Environmental/Green Projects: Environmental awareness raising - Country: Argentina

Brief description and main aims

Since 2017 Human Hands has been working in partnership with various organizations to improve the living conditions of people in vulnerable situations through practical and theoretical tools aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. Human Hands believe in the importance of education and knowledge, as key factors for the empowerment and labor insertion of people. They develop various projects: "Light for my neighborhood", "Leather goods with an environmental impact", "Sustainable carpentry", "Dry construction course", "Activists in communication".

Main Activities

Programs open to volunteers:
- "Early Childhood Centers": Through this centers, they provide a space for care and stimulation for boys and girls from 1 to 3 years old, who attend from Monday to Friday receiving three of the daily meals there (breakfast, lunch, snack), which allows their parents to work or look for work while their sons and daughters are under the care of the teachers and the professional team. There are the "CPI Pilarcitos" in Barracas and the "CPI Floreciendo" in Bajo Flores.
- "Haciendo Lupa": In this program, they work with boys and girls from the age of 2 in forward, through different playful techniques that stimulate pre-literacy. As it is an itinerant program, it takes place in different spaces.

Volunteer tasks

- Communication area: Development of communication strategies / Creation of content and publications for social networks
- Project development area: Strategies for the search for financing, development of strategies and alliances, management and development of projects
In terms of time work, the proposed schedule consists of:
- Work remotely, 4 times a week for 4 hours a day.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Aimed at a professional base profile oriented to the following areas:
- Communication area
- Project management area


Rosario is a city located in the southeast of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, head of the homonymous department. It is the most populated city in the province and the third in the country including its suburbs. Since the end of the 19th century, Rosario has had a very significant number of its inhabitants living in poverty, many of them with little or no infrastructure for basic services (sewers, potable water).


Steps (4 weeks - 3 months)

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

At Subir al Sur volunteer's house

More Information

The project have space for 2 volunteers.

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