Kindergartens in Pultusk (POL-11)

Type: Children, Education, Youth - Country: Poland

Brief description and main aims

Municipal Kindergartens provide education and everyday care to children aged 3-6 living in Pulstuk and its sorrounding. They provide opportunities for development in different areas such as knowledge about the world, social interactions, manual skills and ensure that children are ready to begin school education. 

Main Activities

The kindergarten provides activities on working days. Children attending the kindergarten are divided into groups of about 15-25 pupils according to their age, each accompanied by 1-2 teachers. Some classes are integration classes including 1-3 children with mild dissabilities or behavioral disorders. The role of the volunteer is to assist one of the groups and support its teachers in everyday work with children. The volunteer will be working mostly with the oldest, 5-6 years old children, but occasionally will have a chance to support younger groups. 

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer will: 
  • be helping with regular educational activities (writing, drawing, manual activities),
  • be helping with preparation to celebrations and special events (e.g. performance for Mothers’ Day).
  • be helping during excursions as well as self-service activities (dressing up, eating),
  • give individual support to children with disabilities and/or disorders.
  • once-twice a month the volunteer will participate in additional activities for youth from Putusk.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer must be: 
  • friendly, warm-hearted, caring and patient, who makes relationship with children easily,
  • reliable and diligent,
  • independent and ready to have own ideas and initiative,
  • able to communicate in English
  • open-minded and open to different cultures and lifestyles,
  • ready to dialogue and cooperation in case of conflict situations,
  • motivated to work as a volunteer (no paid work nor studies are allowed during your project) and willing to learn,
Volunteers need to provide a medical certificate stating not suffering from contagious lung disease and not being a carrier of Salmonella and Shigella bacteria, they also need to provide criminal record check.


Pultusk, Poland. 

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live in a shared room in a flat or host family depending on availability. The food options are the following: 

(1) Lunches in the canteen on working days and food allowance for other meals and weekends

(2) Food allowance for the whole time 

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