Farm-School La Limpia (ESP-15)

Type: Education: Kindergarden, Environmental/Green Projects: Urban gardening - Country: Spain

Brief description and main aims

La Limpia is a 7-hectare estate comprising orchards, a garden of aromatic plants, a nursery, a vineyard and an olive grove, fields, a garden, a playground, sports facilities, a fenced enclosure with a swimming pool, and two main buildings. The first building is the house/living quarters and the second contains the workshops and stables.
The house has two floors. On the ground floor is the students’ dining room, the office kitchen, storehouse and teachers’ dining room. On the first floor are the students’ and teachers’ dormitories. The toilets and showers are located next to the bedrooms. Opposite the second building are the Granja-Escuela’s animal facilities, including haystack, sheepfold, cow shed and milking parlour, animal feed storehouse etc.

Main Activities

At certain points throughout the year, groups of children come to stay at the Huerta de la Limpia. During their stay, they carry out a series of activities related to nature, farm animals, the orchard, sports and entertainment. Workshops include carpentry, pottery, animal feed-making, aviary, apiary, artisanal crafts (e.g. wicker, dying fabrics etc.), cooking and many more. There is also a multi-purpose room for theatre, games, videos, music, etc.
The activities planned for children at La Limpia are grouped as follows: work sessions, craft workshops, communication and expression workshops. Each of the can take place in calssrooms or outdoors, depending on the activity and the weather. 

Volunteer tasks

Depending on how volunteers are like, their prior experience and their level of Spanish, they will be included in one of the following areas: 
  • Garden: different jobs around the school, maintenance work and animal care (feeding, cleaning, etc.) working in the garden and the vegetable garden (weeding, planting, harvesting, etc.).
  • Children: different jobs around the school, helping mentors during lunch time, helping mmentor organise and run workshops and games, helping to take care of children during break time and lunch time. 
We can under no circumstances guarantee that the volunteer will be able to work with children, as it is the member of staff there who ultimately decides, upon meeting the volunteer.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Volunteer should be:
  • open-minded
  • creative 
  • proactive 
  • able to make decisions 
  • open to doing physical tasks
  • able to work with animals
  • intrested in  working with children
  • creative and proactive


Granja-Escuela Huerta La Limpia is situated in natural surroundings, a 10-minute walk form Guadalajara centre. The city of Guadalajara is a 60-minute train journey from Madrid. You can get a direct Cercanias train from most large stations in Madrid. 


This projects requires a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 16 weeks. La Limpia can host volunteers from March to September (spring and summer). 
The project is only available from May to October. 

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will have a private room, although there is a possibility that they will have to share it with another volunteer if one arrives. During activities with children, the volunteer will likely accompany them at lunch. Outside of activities, or when the farm-school does not have (m)any visitors, unless there is food already prepared, the volunteer may have to cook their own food. 

More Information

  • The volunteer might be on their own occasionally, especially out of season when there are not many visitors (the children will leave around mid- October), and even more so at night during these times
  • Bring comfortable clothes
  • A criminal record document is also necessary

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