ABC Children's Aid (ICE-24)

Type: Socially Excluded Groups: Minorities - Country: Iceland

Brief description and main aims

ABC Children's Aid is a charity established in 1988. It's an Icelandic non-profit organization emphasizing support to children in developing countries. It also runs a secondhand shop to support the charity. 
ABC gives poor children a chance to learn and provides them with a home and education.To support this work the ABC Children’s Aid has established a 2nd hand market for new and used goods. People donate goods which are then resold and the profit is directly used to support the children. The market sells new and used products for a good price. The market is also frequently visited by people browsing, sitting down to read a book and to communicate with staff and volunteers. The market is not just a shop but also a place for people to socialize. There is also hot coffee ready for anyone wanting to visit whether they are shopping or looking for companionship. It is a lively atmosphere with about 7 staff members and volunteers who share tasks depending on the need and interest.
ABC Children's Aid currently operates in 8 countries in Asia and Africa, which are: India, Pakistan, Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Liberia and Burkina Faso. ABC Children's Aid supports today about 12,000 children to study. The ABC schools provide children from 3 years of age with free education, school books, school uniforms, medical care, and one meal a day. In addition, 4,000 children live in dormitories and nurseries owned by ABC where they receive love and affection and get full support.

Volunteer tasks

The main job of the volunteer is to work in the secondhand shop, sorting through the various things they receive and helping the incoming customers with their search or purchase. This is a second hand shop, but can also function as an informal social hub.
There is also a possibility to work in the ABC office and help put data into computers and assist staff and volunteers with the preparations for the Christmas and Easter sale of chocolate to support
the ABC cause.
Working hours are 12h-18h during the opening hours of the shop and sometimes saturdays.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should be 18-30 years old, positive and highly motivated to participate in the given tasks at the project. 
Skills and competence recommended are the following: 
- Ability to organize on her/his own initiative 

- Ability to work well under time pressure and good time management skills
- Open-minded, friendly and firm when needed
Technical skills that can be very helpful at this project: social media knowledge, Microsoft Word and Outlook.
People from all walks of life make their way to such markets and an understanding character as well as kindness are most appreciated at this project. 


The ABC project is located quite centrally in the Reykjavík region and easily accessible by bus.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will be living in AUS housing which is located in Barmahlíð, 105 RVK. The ABC
project is easily accessible by bus, takes about 22-25 min.

More Information

Number of volunteers to be hosted in this project: 1

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