Cooperativa One (ITA-46)

Type: Office Work: Administration - Country: Italy

Brief description and main aims

Cooperativa One is a social cooperative dealing with everything related to the world of languages: travel, interpreting, tour guides, school trips on historical/artistic themes, language courses and translations.

Main Activities

Coopeartiva One offers different types of activities:

Language courses
There are courses of English, Italian, German, French,Spanish. The motivation of the students is the key to learning and the classes always have an interactive and engaging quality thanks to the specialized teachers.
Casa di Chiara Hostel 
The cooperative is managing the hostel Casa di Chiara in the historical center of Crotone since 2017. Located in a historical building from the 1700s, the hostel is now a place for travelers who want to be more than tourists and wish to be part of the local culture.
Cultural trips
In summer, the cooperative is organizing cultural trips around Italy and sometimes abroad, during which the groups can enjoy not only sightseeing but also language courses in small groups.

Volunteer tasks

• Supporting groups visiting Casa di Chiara
• Supporting language courses
• Helping with Hausilio project, implemented together with other organizations. The project wants to support vulnerable women in difficult situations, hosted by two shelters.
• Helping with Costruttori di Futuro project, aiming to fight minors’ educational poverty, with particular attention to the most vulnerable ones. The activities include workshops about interculturality, environment protection, creative writing, technology, theatre and music, foreign language theatre. The volunteers will support the teachers and educators during the workshops for teens between 13 and 17 years old.
• Support during trips and cultural tours during summer
• Supporting daily activities at the hostel. The volunteers will support the staff in the daily management of the hostel, in particular with: welcoming visitors and groups; managing bookings; keeping contact with schools, groups and associations interested in staying at the hostel and with local partners who want to book the space for events; maintanance and cleaning of the space.
• Support with communication and promotion activites. Volunteers will: create content for the website and social media; write articles and create videos/photos of their experience as volunteers; do video and photo coverage of events, trips and tours; take part in events open to the local community to share with young people their experience of volunteering.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should be:

• Open-minded towards different cultures and ways of life
• Willing to learn and try new things
• Be able to communicate in English

Will be positively evaluated:

• Basic knowledge of Italian
• Driving licence
• Previous experience in teaching


Crotone is an Italian town of 60 112 inhabitants, capital of the homonymous province in Calabria. The city was founded by Greek settlers from the region of Achaia in the second half of the eighth century B.C. in the place of a persistent indigenous settlement, and represented thanks to the spread of the Italic-Pythagorean phenomenon one of the most important centers of Magna Grecia.

The old town develops in a maze of narrow alleys and squares up to the cathedral and the central Piazza Pitagora, a point of contact between "old" and "new" cities. The city is located on the east side of Calabria and the climate is temperate.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers are hosted in a shared double room of the hostel managed by the Cooperative. A kitchen is available and they are provided with food allowance to do their own shopping and cook their own meals.

More Information

Number of volunteers in project: 2

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