Hospital of Children (MOR-42)

Type: Health: Rehalibitation - Country: Morocco

Brief description and main aims

This association wants to offer partly seriously ill children a psychological help, besides their medical treatment. With their work existing out of love and care, they want to help the children to achieve their convalescence faster. Because only in an environment where children feel well, they can get well. The hospital cannot do this alone, so this association can offer the children and their families special psychological support.

First of all, this work is for making the stay of the children as pleasant as possible. This includes little actions like doing handicrafts, singing songs together, playing games or sometimes even just listening and give them love and care. Every Friday the children, their families and the workers enjoy couscous together. Sometimes this association organizes even different actions, for example a big breakfast and donate clothes in a woman’s prison. They also make an effort in medical care for refugees.

Cultural Exposure

By working with this association, volunteers will be in contact with many locals and will have the opportunity to get to know Moroccan's habits and ways of life and get involved in the community at work as well as on their spare-time.

Volunteer tasks

The main work for volunteers will be in the hospital, supporting the therapists. This support includes: planning and doing little games or songs with the children, helping with the common lunch. 

If asked, the volunteer can also help to organize little acitivities outside the hospital. 

Volunteer requirements / Skills

No specific previous experience needed, but the volunteer should be open minded and interested in working with children. 

Some creative abilities would be helpful and also it is important that the volunteer is not too highly-strung, because he/she may be confronted with cruel fates.  


The project is located in Rabat, the capital and 4th largest city of Morocco with an average population of 580,000 people. It combines both Mediterranean and Oceanic influences on many aspects. Rabat's climate is mild and temperate, with cool winters and warm summer days. The city is quite dynamic as far as cultural activity is concerned. 

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers will live with a host family where they will be given 3 meals per day. Further information will be given in due time. 

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