Education project in Hoa Binh (VNM-139)

Type: Education: Teaching languages - Country: Vietnam

Brief description and main aims

This project is run by VPV/ICYE Vietnam with the facilitation and support of Hoa Binh local authorities and with the participation of a number of schools in Hoa Binh province to run this project. These schools are: 
- Hoang Van Thu high school for gifted students in Hoa Binh city, Hoa Binh province
- Cong Nghiep high school in Hoa Binh city, Hoa Binh province
- Nguyen Tat Thanh school in Hoa Binh city, Hoa Binh province
- Da Bac high school in Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province.

Main Activities

The project aims to provide English speaking environment for students in different schools in Hoa Binh area. Each volunteer will focus on one school, joining English teaching project to students between 15 and 18 years old. The English levels of the students differ from one school to another, even from one class to another. In classes which are specialized in English, students have a better knowledge of English; in other classes, students have very basic English skills.

Volunteer tasks

Upon request of teachers, volunteers run the activities in the class. They are asked to help students develop speaking and listening skills. In many cases, volunteers will work alongside with a local teacher, assisting him/her the teacher with correcting students‘ pronunciation, keeping them in silence or helping the teacher in any activity required. Sometimes, when the volunteers are confident enough, the teacher will let the volunteers lead the class the whole lesson (around 45 minutes). The volunteers can prepare the lessons freely, choosing the topics, activities, discussions or games they prefer. They do not have to follow the governmental book.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Volunteers should like to work with children, maturity and initiative spirit. 
  • Fluent English
  • Age: 18 and over
  • Be open-minded and sociable
  • Be able to work independently in the class
  • Be willing to learn about the country and integrate into local community


Hoa Binh is a province in the North of Vietnam, which is about 2 hour bus ride from Hanoi. There are not so many foreigners in this province, so the students here don’t have many chances to meet and interact with foreginers. Therefore, VPV sends interntional volunteers here to help local students improve their English and learn about different cultures.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers will stay in teacher/guest rooms in school campus. The rooms are equipped with cooking stuff so that volunteers can cook for themselves. 

More Information

Volunteers needed: 8 (2 per school).

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