CINCA “Centro Intercultural de Capacitación Agroecológica” (ECU-103)

Type: Environmental/Green Projects: Ecologically friendly agriculture, Environmental/Green Projects: Environmental awareness raising - Country: Ecuador

Brief description and main aims

The project is an agro-ecological farm and teaching centre run by the community. The main aim of the project is to become self-sustainable to pay for the classes and upkeep of the farm. Moreover, we aim at restoring biodiversity permaculture techniques and sharing these ideas with other local producers.

Main Activities

The primary objective of our organization is: to study and teach modern and ancestral agro ecological practices and theirimpacts on the environment, economy, society and culture.
Our activities for self-sustainability include: Agroecological product sales, open-pollinated seeds and seedling sales, fertilizers and other agroecological inputs sales, agroecological and sales training sessions, natural building teaching program, natural building (barrique, tapial, barro), seed sovereignty.
The facilities on the farm are 6 naturally-built tiny houses for the workers and volunteers, a big shed, a greenhouse. We are currently building a class room and library, and a small laboratory.

Volunteer tasks

Ther volunteer is expected to help either with:
  • NATURAL BUILDING: Help with building! The volunteer will learn from A to Z on how to build with bahareque, cob, tires and different methods (barreque, cob, rammed earth…) plastering, roofing, working with wood, ect.
  • AGROECOLOGY: Preparing soil, designing K-line beds, cover Crop seeding and management, fertilizer preparation, seeding, transplanting, weeding, fertilizing, treating, ect. Occasionally you´ll be able to help doing Natural building tasks.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should:
  • NATURAL BUILDING -Be 19 years old, with a desire to learn alternative methods of construction and spirit of collaboration.
  • AGROECOLOGY -Be over 21 years old, with a desire to learn Ecology methods of Agriculture and spirit of collaboration.


Barrio El Cubinche, 1 hour away from Quito. 
CINCA training center is close to Cayambe, Otavalo (11.3 KM away)  and Quito (1 hour away), in the middle of the countryside in a nice little village.Volunteers will have a lot to learn and exchange with local community as they will be part of the project.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live in the project.

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