La sartén por el mango (ARG-5)

Type: Environmental/Green Projects: Urban gardening - Country: Argentina

Brief description and main aims

 It seeks to create sustainable social change by building relationships and implementing strategic systems and structures to provide a platform for the transition from subsistence to maintaining a good quality of life for each individual. It also actively supports current generations in creating healthy and livable communities and plans for future generations to follow in their footsteps.

Main Activities

- Community kitchen: Food is provided two days a week for boys and girls.
- Community garden: Where they produce vegetables and food to eat
- Art, culture and sport workshops for children.

Volunteer tasks

  • Tasks:
    - Collaborate with kitchen needs: prepare healthy food with other volunteers.
    - Prepare artistic and nutritional activities and workshops for children.
    - Carry out play activities with the children.
    In terms of time work, the proposed schedule consists of:
    - Physical participation in the project, 2 times a week for 5 hours a day. (Tuesday and Thursday from 11AM to 4PM)
    - One day of planning, evaluation and reflection tasks that can be done in the office or at home
    - Finally, one day to receive training in thematic seminars that contribute to their contribution to the project.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

- Necessary sensitivity for community work.
- Basic Spanish level
- Initiative to propose activities
- Flexibility to adapt to the structure and way
- Teamwork
- Creative character and motivation
- Interest in youth and children development
- The pillars are sports, food and art. A volunteer who can contribute ideas in those areas will be valued


Monte Chingolo, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Buenos Aires, 1/3 of young people who are under 17 years old live below the poverty line. This
statistics is determined without taking into account other factors such as access to education, assistance
to a safe environment, adequate housing, rights, opportunities, or social security. The
The reality is that more than 1/3 of these children live without satisfied basic needs.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers are received in our volunteer house, located in the City of Buenos Aires.They usually take their lunch at the project. It is important to be flexible in eating local food. For the rest of the meals, they will have what is necessary to cook in our house. Get ready to live in a community environment!

More Information

Number of volunteers in the project - 2 volunteers maximum.

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