Movimento Escola da Vida (BRA-49)

Type: Education: Kindergarden - Country: Brazil

Brief description and main aims

Movimento Escola da Vida is a Non-Governmental Organization originated upon the initiative of a social educator who, in 1984, started to gather poor kids in the streets of Porto Alegre and to teach them how to read and write. The social educator was not only helping the kids, but she was also aiding the community as a whole, since the parents of those kids now had time to look for jobs, pursuing to end their unemployment condition.
Today, the main goal of the social project is to develop awareness and teach others that supporting the less fortunate is an essential component for a better society, in which people can live together within a more supportive and peaceful environment.

Main Activities

Nowadays, the project aids over 80 children aged between 2 and 6 years old. The project works as a kindergarten where needy kids from the community spend the whole day so that their parents can go to work.
On Saturdays, the school also promotes educational workshops of assistance and professional orientation as well as handcraft workshops for women, to help shape the youth.
Currently, an important objective is to develop the psychological, affective, cognitive, social and spiritual system of the children. The children receive in the project food, attention, love and can participate in activities appropriate for their ages such as drawing, painting, dance, games, corporal expression, simple language classes, art project activities, trip and visits to local interesting places.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer is expected to:
  • take care of the children (distribution of meals, teeth brushing etc.)
  • play with the children (games, body expression, simple sports, music, dance etc.)
  • help in the pedagogical games (story telling, drawing, plastiline etc.)
  • participate in the activities and workshops in which his/her presence is necessary.
  • work with the older children
  • work with sport, English and informatics lessons, manual works, etc.
The volunteer will be able to propose own activities too.


Volunteer requirements / Skills

The role of the volunteers in the social project is important. The educators are expecting a volunteer who will be enthusiastic and willing to get involved. Most projects don't have a specific role to offer for the volunteer. The volunteer should strive, be creative and self-confident to develop their own activities/workshops while keeping in mind the responsibility of asking the people involved (project coordinators, staff) about the possibilities of doing such things.


The project is located in Porto Alegre.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer wil live with a host family. 

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