Centro Diaconal Evangélico Luterano - CEDEL (BRA-46)

Type: Human Rights: Children Rights - Country: Brazil

Brief description and main aims

Centro Diaconal Evangélico Luterano (CEDEL) is a philanthropic project started in 2000, which is based on the social and assistanted work with about 100 children and adolescent aged from 6 to 16 years old.
CEDEL's mission is to contribute to the global development of society with a learning based on respect, love, and autonomy with responsibility.
The objective is to develop educational processes and actions which can transform the local culture into a no-violent culture and to strengthen the familiar and communitarian ties of children and families living in the area, which are all in a high social risk situation.

Main Activities

CEDEL provides a safe space where children are listened to and stimulated to reflect and interact. Children who study at school in the morning, stay at CEDEL in the afternoon and vice versa. They are attended trough a program called Programa de Serviço de Apoio Sócio Educativo (SASE). There are two other programs that work to integrate the families and the local community: Núcleo de Apoio Sócio Familiar (which support more than 40 poor families) and Telecentro (informatic centre open to all the community).
CEDEL offers alternative education trough different activities, such as informatics, language lessons, sports and games, art workshops, dance etc. All these activities help children understand the importance of autonomy, of sense of responsibility and cooperation, and allows them to exercise their citizenship.

Volunteer tasks

Beside the normal activities, there are several projects in which the volunteer will be able to participate and help, such as:
  • citizenship and computing school
  • environmental education
  • bio-dance
  • bringing the kids to a tennis project
  • integration among schools
  • gardening
  • increase the self-confidence trough sport (depending to the semester)
The volunteers will be asked to promote workshops in one or more areas:
  • Sports and recreational areas (in particular tennis and soccer)
  • Music (singing, playing instruments, dance, theatre etc.)
  • Arts (drawing, painting, handcraft etc.)
  • Language and informatics lessons


The project is located in Porto Alegre.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a host family.

More Information

This project is close to the city centre and is suitable for active volunteers because it has many workshop possibilities.

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