Type: Socially Excluded Groups: Minorities - Country: Honduras

Brief description and main aims

Fundación AMBOS is a non-profit & non-governmental centre that offers an after-school programme for disadvantaged children and teenagers of the rural community of Sabanagrande, which mainly includes assistance to do homework and school projects, tutoring and reinforcement lessons in various subjects, provision of school materials/supplies, and nutritional and health assistance (i.e. providing meals and nutrition, health and wellness awareness). The centre also offers assistance and care to the disadvantaged elderly population of the community, providing them with meals, recreational activities and sometimes physical therapies.

Jardín de Niños “Ana Joaquina Andino Silva” is a governmental kindergarten/pre-k and preschool for 4-5 year old children of the rural community of Sabanagrande, which offers early childhood education prior to the commencement of primary school. Children attend during the mornings of weekdays receiving several lessons for their personal, social and emotional development; developing communication, talking and listening skills; creative, aesthetic and gross & fine motor skills development; mathematical awareness; physical and health development; and fostering teamwork and social skills through games, music and art.

Main Activities

CENTRE - FUNDACIÓN AMBOS: Works with children and youth, aged 9-13, of Sabanagrande and nearby places, in a disadvantaged situation (facing socioeconomic challenges) who attend mostly during the afternoons. Every day, two mothers of the children and teenagers, cook lunch for everybody with food provided by the centre. There’s a rota system in order for all the parents to get involved. A typical day at the centre would be structured firstly eating lunch, then a distribution of groups, doing homework, tutoring and/or reinforcement lessons, and finishing up with cleaning the working spaces. The children and teenagers are encouraged to play educational games and use the centre’s spaces to stimulate their creativity. From time to time, Fundación AMBOS also provides assistance to the disadvantaged elderly population of the area (in 2016, a total of 5 elderly men and women), mainly with meals, recreational activities and physical therapies.

KINDERGARTEN - JARDÍN DE NIÑOS ANA JOAQUINA ANDINO SILVA: Works with children aged 4-5½, of Sabanagrande and nearby places. The children receive different lessons (reading, mathematics, etc.), play various games, do several handicrafts, carry out civic, environmental and economic activities, and educational walks/field trips around the town. The kindergarten tries to involve the children’s parents in their education by playing Honduran traditional games.

The centre Fundación AMBOS and the kindergarten Jardín de Niños Ana Joaquina Andino Silva, complement each other, as sometimes the siblings of the young kindergartners attend Fundación AMBOS. There is only one kindergarten and one school in Sabanagrande, therefore all the children and teenagers interact with each other and know about Fundación AMBOS, so they all participate in a way or another, on special occasions or when they need help with their school work.

Volunteer tasks

Generally, the volunteer will work from Monday to Friday distributing her/his time between the kindergarten during the mornings and the centre during the afternoons.
Jardín de Niños “Ana Joaquina Andino Silva”
  • The volunteer’s main role is to assist the teachers in one or more of the three classrooms.
  • Help the children with any of the lessons they are doing (i.e. colouring, cutting, gluing, etc.)
  • Every day, the teachers try to say the English term of everything they are teaching, so the volunteer is of great assistance to help writing and pronouncing those English terms.
  • Help the teachers to take care of children during recesses when they are in the playground.
  • Create decorations for the different classrooms.
Fundación AMBOS
  • The volunteer’s main role is to assist the educators in one or more of the groups.
  • Help the children and teenagers with their homework.
  • A volunteer could organise a course or workshop (i.e. English lessons, computer classes, a particular sport, etc.).
  • Do sports and leisure activities with the children and teenagers.
  • When necessary, assist in the distribution of school materials/supplies.
  • Help in cleaning and maintaining the centre’s facilities.
  • If the volunteer is interested, she/he can get involved in the preparation of daily meals.
  • Sometimes, the volunteer can assist in the activities with the elderly men and women (i.e. playing recreational games with them), but the volunteer’s main tasks are primarily focused with the children and teenagers.
  • A long-term volunteer (6-12 months) could support in the creation of a website of the centre which could help for fundraising purposes.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should:
  • be at least 18 years old.
  • know basic Spanish and basic English.
  • be interested in working with children and teenagers.
  • be mature, have a teamwork spirit, and be patient and dynamic.
Background experience in education and/or social work is desirable.


The projects are located in Sabanagrande, Francisco Morazán.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a host family. 

More Information

The project is available to start in February every year for 6-12 months.
Social media:
  • Facebook Profile: Fundacion Ambos
You can request more information of this Project contacting ICYE Honduras:

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