ANGLO-Nigerian Welfare Assocation For The Blind (ANWAB) (NIG-2)

Type: Health: Disability - Country: Nigeria

Brief description and main aims

ANWAB is a non-profit non-governmental registered charitable association. Our main aim is to create an enabling environment that will foster independence of blind people generally through education and welfare. Serious attention is paid to the interests of all blind people, particularly blind women. Working actively with friends in the United Kingdom, the Association was founded in 1994 in order to help alleviate the many obstacles facing the blind people of Nigeria

Main Activities

It was first registered as a charity in the UK in December 1994 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria in November 1999, with one important objective being the provision of reading materials in Braille or audiotape and training in independent living for all blind persons. The Association’s centre commenced operations in October 1996.ANWAB’s main operations’ base is the Centre for the Blind in Lagos, Nigeria where it focuses on the brailing of books and other printed matter to provide the entire syllabus of textbooks in Braille for blind children in secondary and tertiary educational institutions throughout Nigeria.

Volunteer tasks

Volunteer will assist in the production of braille texbooks, will work as guide to the partially blind students that come to the centre, will be part of the administrative team and will help out time to time with trainings when needed.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

No specific skills are required. However, we will require a volunteer that is patient and is ready to work with the blind or partially blind.

Volunteers who have knowledge of braille or have worked with the disabled is an added advantage.


The centre is located in the heart of Lagos state. It is a very safe and serene part of the mainland. Although we have a lot of offices around this area, it is safe and not too noisy.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will stay with a host family. Volunteer will be provided breakfast and dinner by the family from Monday to Sunday. Lunch will be arranged during the week. Lunch will be provided by the family on Saturday and Sunday.

More Information

The volunteer will be expected to dress modestly for school.

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