Kindergarden Mi Casita (FIN-3)

Type: Education: Kindergarden - Country: Finland

Brief description and main aims

Mi Casita is a private Spanish language kindergarten. It was established in Helsinki in 1994. The children at the kindergarten are between 0–6 years of age. Mi Casita ry was founded to provide Spanish speaking daycare and to offer cultural knowledge of Spanish speaking countries for children.  

Main Activities

The children are mainly Finnish, from Spanish/Finnish speaking families. All staff members are native Spanish speakers. The kindergarten is run by the Parental Association of Mi Casita and it is funded by the monthly fees paid by the parents, financial support from the City of Helsinki and by other means of fundraising. Mi Casita has around 40 places for children including a group of pre-school children. Currently the staff consists of eight employees.

Volunteer tasks

Volunteers do kindergarten work, such as practical tasks and teaching-related duties. They help and support the other employees in handling groups of children. They play with the children and can also teach them games. They also read to the children, take them out, help them with dressing and undressing from outdoor clothes and help them with eating lunch or snacks. The volunteers take part in all activities of the kindergarten. If the kindergarten visits for example museums or other public places, the volunteer will help in taking the children there. Depending on the skills and interests of the volunteers, they can e.g. teach the children music or art, organise theater with them or instruct sports to them.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Volunteers should be motivated to work with children and speak Spanish fluently. Unfortunately, the kindergarten cannot host a volunteer with a physical or sensory disability.


The kindergarten is located close to the center of the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. There are about 620 000 inhabitants in Helsinki. The city is situated in the Southern Finland. Train station is located less than 1000 meter from Kindergarten and also other public transportation is very close.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers live in a host family in the capital area so it is important to be motivated to adapt to family living.

More Information

Usually 1 volunteer

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