Hogar de niños Alalay (BOL-1)

Type: Anti-drugs, Children, Homeless - Country: Bolivia

Brief description and main aims

Hogar de niños Alalay is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children who have family and/or social problems such as drug addiction, are homeless or victims of sexual abuse, reintegrate into society.


Main Activities

Alalay gives street children a home, board, an education, health care and social and psychological assistance. Alalay also helps children finish school and offers special training for their future. Alalay gives them love and teaches them how find their place in society, to be self-confident and responsible. The children come directly from the streets and most of them are addicted to drugs so the project also helps them to fight their addiction.

The Alalay programme has different houses, representing different stages within the reintegration process of the children in to society. In La Paz there are 4 houses, and different stages of development of the children in every house. There is a house only for girls, another one only for boys, another one in the countryside and another one downtown.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer's tasks include:
  • Helping take care of the children and helping them with their homework
  • Sharing the activities and experiences of the children living in the project
  • Preparing workshops on different topics
  • Informing children at the streets about the project
  • Taking the children to school, hospital, dentist, etc.

If the volunteer speaks good Spanish he/she can participate in the therapeutic groups. The project is open to new ideas like painting, carpentry, music, sports or whatever skills the volunteer has.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteers should:

  • be open-minded
  • take initiative
  • be creativite
  • be patience
  • love children
  • be prepared to work in a difficult context because the work with street children is hard
  • be motivated
Having some knowledge of Spanish is preferable. Both , female and male volunteers, are welcomed. 


La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The project sometimes hosts volunteers but normally they have host families for them.

More Information

If a volunteer is working in Alalay Aldeas (la Paz’s countryside), she/he has to live within the project from Monday to Friday.

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