Fundação Casemiro Bruno Kurtz (BRA-3)

Type: Sport/Culture: Art - Country: Brazil

Brief description and main aims

Associação Fundação Casemiro Bruno Kurtz, a charity project,  is part of the YMCA organization and since its foundation in 1976, it has seeked to offer a program focused on human, cultural and social development education for children, young people and families from the local community.

Main Activities

The project offers different activities for children aged from 7 to 78 years old, such as sports, music, theatre, capoeira, pedagogical activities, computer, art classes and other manual workshops, such as recycling paper, making candles and soaps. It also has a kindergarten for young children and organizes workshops for older people.

The team consist of about 25 paid staff, trainees and volunteers (pedagogue, experts on nutrition, social workers, psychologist and administration staffs).

Volunteer tasks

To get to know the project, the volunteers will initially be asked to assist and participate in all the different areas: sports, recreational, pedagogical and artistic area. Later, according to the volunteer's experiences, skills and project’s needs, the volunteer will be able to choose to help in some workshops and activities, such as street dancing, sport, music, capoeira, theatre and corporal expression, informatics, pedagogical activities, art and painting, ecological workshops etc. The volunteer will have the possibility to organize some personal workshops or activities as well, for example previous volunteers organized origami workshops, baseball, visit to local parks etc. 

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The role of the volunteers in the social project is important. The educators are expecting a volunteer who will be enthusiastic and willing to get involved. Most projects don't have a specific role to offer for the volunteer. The volunteer should strive, be creative and self-confident to develop their own activities/workshops while keeping in mind the responsibility of asking the people involved (project coordinators, staff) about the possibilities of doing such things.


 The project is located in Porto Alegre.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a host family. 

More Information

The project was the first one to receive ICYE volunteers. It receives 1-3 ICYE volunteers every year since 1987. This is a suitable project for individuals who enjoy playing sports.

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