The Association of People with Disability (APD) (IND-6)

Type: Disabled - Country: India

Brief description and main aims

The Association of People with Disability (APD) is a voluntary organization, striving ceaselessly in the field of disability for over fifty years with the aim to empower people with disability and help them become active contributors in society.

APD represents a social movement  engaged in the process of transforming lives of children, youth, men and women with disabilities. It works through medico-psycho interventions and capacity building through education and vocational skill training. The link of support is extended to society and industries through employment and placement opportunities.

Main Activities

APD’s Activities, Programmes and Network:
  • Horticulture Unit: Supporting the insight that gardening is therapeutic, twelve months non-formal residential horticulture training is being conducted every year since 1987 for around 50 individuals with disability.
  • Orthotic Appliance Centre: The main aim of the unit is to promote independent mobility by manufacturing aids and appliances as per the individuals needs. The unit also runs a one-year training program.
  • Physiotherapy Unit: Caters to the therapeutic needs of people with disability and successfully provides training to the care- givers and community workers.
  • Career Guidance And Placement Services: Every year around 550 people get registered with this unit and around 60% of them are successfully employed and the rest join vocational training programs.
  • Industrial Training Centre: In 1975 Industrial Training Centre (ITC) was set up to offer training in industrial skills to Persons with Disability. Computer skills training is a relatively recent initiative but very successful in helping people with disability find place in IT companies.
  • Urban Community Based Rehabilitation Program: Starting in 2 slums in 1985, today USOP has networked through 22 parts of Bangalore empowering people with disabilities by providing formal & non-formal education, home based special education, therapy, medical and surgical intervention and vocational training.
  • Community Health Work: CHW originated to address various health issues and prevention of
    disability in less privileged communities. Special focus of this team is promoting better health status of persons with disability and their families.
  • Rural Community Based Rehabilitation Program: Started in 1989 focusing on pre-primary and nonformal education, medical rehabilitation, community organization, health education and prevention of disability. Currently these services are spread to over 200 villages and have ensured 80% of children with disability completing higher education and vocational skill training.
  • Shradhanjali Integrated School (SIS): SIS was founded in 1973. This recognized primary school – Nursery to Std.7 – began with the aim of providing education and opportunities for all round development of children with disability.  Of the 200 children at SIS, 80% have disabilities – all categories.  The remaining non-disabled children complete this unique study environment.
APD leverages its network with individuals and organizations to empower people with disabilities beyond the boundary of its campus.

Volunteer tasks

The Volunteers can work in the different departments:
  • helping  teachers or having their own class.
  • working with people with disability.
  • assisting the administration and documentation.
  • helping our camps and activities.
  • teaching some activities and games.
APD is very open for anything, if you want start something new you can do that.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer has to be able to interact and work with disable children and adults, consequently s/he needs to be very patient.


Main APD is located around 30 minutes far away from Shivajinagar, its not a main street. The horticulture centre is out side of Bangalore 15km far away. The rural schools are in Chintamani and Kolar. Mostly people come from a poor background.

Main APD has a big campus with school, Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic centre, wheelchair repair and access building, industrial centre with stitching department, paper recycling department , Computer departement, big office for fundraising and community health work.


Minimum (weeks) : 4 weeks

Maximum (weeks) : up to one year

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a host family , sharing basis with another volunteer.

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