Bukas Palad Cebu Foundation Inc. (BPCFI) (PHL-61)

Type: Education, Development, Community - Country: Philippines

Brief description and main aims

Bukas Palad Cebu Foundation Inc. (BPCFI) establishes, maintains, and operates as an agency primarily for the marginalized and less privileged families of Mabolo, Cebu City. For the past several years, members and families of BPCFI have grown in numbers. Some migrated to different places in Cebu since some of these families' houses were demolished and thus were forced to transfer to another place. In spite of these obstacles, the relationship between these families and BPCFI stood firm through communication, especially through home and school visitation.

At the start, BPCFI operated in the sitios and barangays of Cebu City, specifically Barangay Mabolo. As the years went by, its work has spread to different municipalities of Cebu and the different islands of the Visayas. However, the majority of its beneficiaries come from Mabolo.

The beneficiaries of BPCFI are mainly children and youth from age 3 to 24 belonging to underprivileged and under-served communities and families. These children and youth are part of the BPCFI Educational Programs, and about 85 percent are given support through the Support at a Distance Program (SAAD).

In recent years BPCFI expanded its services to cater to a wider range of clientele that covers not only those children and youth who are part of the SAAD Program. BPCFI, through its services, reached out to the parents of the children and youth and their communities, providing some health services and skills training services.

While carrying out this work, BPCFI always keeps in mind their aims , which are:

  • To promote the physical growth of the families in the community and treating illnesses through the beneficence of its medical volunteers
  • To promote also solidarity for indigent children by providing financial, moral, and spiritual support while they remain with their own families in their homeland.
  • To provide quality education to children from 0-6 years old so that it may bear fruit and they may be empowered by Jesus Christ to live in service for others
  • To provide out-of-school youth and adults a holistic seminar for value formation that will serve as preparation for either employment or for studies.
Bukas Palad aims to form and develop strong individuals who may become productive in the family and community, capable of transforming the lives of others and building communities that witness universal brotherhood.

Main Activities


  • Support at a Distance
  • BP Learning Center for Kids
  • Human and Spiritual Formation


  • Sewing
  • Bakery
  • Mini-store
  • Natural Family Planning


  • Housing
  • Community Development

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer is expected to help in:
Learning Center
  • Help the teachers preparing materials and activities for the children
  • Assist the teachers during classes
  • Help facilitating lessons and activities of the children
Support at a distance program
  • Support the SAAD staff in documentary work: update the database of the Student, encode reports and data.
  • Participate in the information meetings and other activities of the SAAD student
  • Help the children in letter writing for the sponsors
  • Collaborate with the staff in planning and evaluation of activities
  • Document materials for the center Community Development
  • Help in community service activities planned by the Center
  • Assist in the development of website, social media and other advocacy materials and tools to promote the programs and projects of the Organization
  • Be ready for any other program related task that may be assigned to him or her

Volunteer requirements / Skills

BPCFI is looking for a volunteer who:
  • Can teach basic computer skills in MS office and others and provide his/her own course outline and materials for teaching.
  • Can teach English language and provide his/her own course outline and materials for teaching.
  • Can adjust to different types of works and work situation.
  • Is flexible and can adjust to any environment.
  • Is creative and contributes with ideas.


Cebu City

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a host family (expect to have a shared room with host sister or brother)

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