CasAyuda, Fundación (HON-36)

Type: Youth, Health, Family, Education, Disadvantaged, Disabled, Community, Children - Country: Honduras

Brief description and main aims

Fundación CasAyuda is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that develops programmes and projects dedicated to improve the life conditions of children and youth with disabilities, educating them with values and principles and encouraging their self-esteem, as well as strengthening their skills. The organisation supports children and youth with cerebral palsy, deafness, general learning disability, hearing impairment, consequences of spina bifida and Down syndrome. Half of the classes are composed of deaf children and youth.

Main Activities

Fundación CasAyuda carries out three main programmes:

  • Comprehensive Education Centre: divided by sign language and special education.
  • Boarding School: providing board and lodging to deaf children and youth living within the organisation.
  • Support: working with children and youth with various disabilities.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer can support in any of the programmes by assisting the educators and therapists, for example:

  • helping teachers in the several classes taught within the organisation
  • helping deaf children who live within the organisation
  • organising and facilitating artistic and sports activities with all the children and youth
  • assisting therapists in the different therapy sessions
  • supporting the staff members in the general maintenance of the organisation’s facilities
  • taking part in the sign language courses to learn it and be able to help children and youth when going out of the organisation.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should:
  • be at least 18 years old
  • have basic knowledge of Spanish.
  • be interested and motivated to work with people with disabilities
  • be proactive and patient
No particular study is required, but knowledge of sign language and therapy skills are very useful.


The project is located in Comayagua, Comayagua.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a host family.

More Information

The project is available to start in February every year for 6-12 months.
Social media:
  • Facebook Profile: Fundacion CasAyuda
You can request more information of this Project contacting ICYE Honduras:

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