A2D Project- Research Group for Alternatives to Development , Inc. (PHL-74)

Type: Administrative - Country: Philippines

Brief description and main aims

A2D is a non-profit and non- government organization based in Cebu City that works toward finding innovative and alternative ways to facilitate the improvement of peoples' lives. A2D’s vision is to build a Filipino society that is inclusive, democratic and just. They believe in people-centered development that is geared toward human flourishing. A2D’s mission is to improve lives through promotion of evidence-based development practice. They are committed to finding innovative alternatives to address poverty, exclusion and inequality in the Philippines.


Main Activities

The project's main activities include:
  • Establishing filing system in the office.
  • Maintaining and updating social media accounts to increase internet presence of A2D
  • Providing inputs in developing and drafting communication s and branding materials of A2D.
  • Providing assistance to finance officer in financial management and filing of A2D.
  • Providing contribution in developing project proposal for submission to funders.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer is expected to:

  • Conduct inventory of A2D Projects’ existing file
  • Establish a filing system
  • Regularly update A2D facebook account
  • Write news stories for website posting
  • Facilitate posting to website of success stories from projects.
  • Conduct desk reviews on best practices on communication and branding plans of other civil society organizations.
  • Assist finance officers in making follow-ups to staff re:financial responsibilities to A2D ( budget request liquidation)
  • Create an inventory of possible funders , call for proposals
  • Organize meetings with the project development team
  • Conduct desk reviews and internet research to contribute to proposal write up

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should be:
  • Flexible, open-minded and able to adapt the local situation
  • Sociable and able to easily mingle with Official, staff, volunteers without prejudice, etc.
  • Committed to regular updates/reporting/monitoring through mobile, online communication
  • Independent and requires little supervision
  • Innovative, industrious, adventurous, creative and fun loving


Osmeña Blvd., Capitol Site , Cebu City

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live in a shared apartment ( another volunteer will be living there too).

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