Day Care center for disabled children- South (VNM-91)

Type: Disabled, Children - Country: Vietnam

Brief description and main aims

The project is Ho Chi Minh Centre for Disabled Children. The project began in 1976 as a joint humane project between international charity foundations and the Ministry of Labour, Invalids & Social Affairs of Vietnam, with the aim of providing rehabilitation for all paralysed children in South Vietnam.

The aim of the project is to help disabled children with treatments related to cerebral palsy, congenital motor deformity, etc. To provide these children basic rehabilitative exercises, and basic education

Main Activities

The centre has many purposes, mainly focused on rehabilitation, with various rooms for different treatments including a daycare room for disabled children where they can receive physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. There are about 120 children who are receiving caring in the centre. There are 6 daycare rooms, with about 12 teachers looking after 120 children, but not all attend everyday. Most of the children suffer from cerebral palsy, down’s syndrome, congenital motor system deformity and other disabilities; from learning and cultural activities at the daycare, children can recover some motor function of the body and increase their awareness of the world around them.

Volunteer tasks

  • Volunteers will spend most of their time in day-care room working with disabled children
  • Work as a staff member. On the other hand, volunteers are also there to be a friend of children
  • Volunteers are required to assist local staff in providing basic exercises for children with the guidance from them
  • Volunteers help nurses and staff members feed lunch to children who cannot manage themselves
  • Volunteers are encouraged to share their love and enthusiasm through playing and educating with games, music and arts

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Volunteers must be 18 years old minimum. Volunteers should like to work with children, show maturity and an initiative spirit. Besides this, volunteers should be patient, open-minded, creative and active in that working environment. Volunteers without experience or background will still be able to join in the daycare room work, as children are very excited when meeting volunteers.


The centre is located at District 3, the central part of HCM city.
Volunteers need to take 2 buses from volunteer house to the school (Bus no.34 and no.65)

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers will stay in a dormitory, sharing rooms with volunteers of other nationalities joining the same program. Normally, rooms are arranged with about 2-4 volunteers per room. In the busy time, the number can be maximum 5 or 7 volunteers per room in 4 or 5 bunk beds (August or March). Western toilets and hot showers are available.  The house has TV, PC with internet, free WIFI, fridge, kitchen with cooking facilities, common room. Laundry service near the house with the cost US$1 for 2 kg.
Breakfast, lunch & dinner are provided. 
Food is local style and usually be rice, meat, fish and vegetables & Vietnamese soup. For vegetarians the choice is usually limited to rice, bread, vegetables, egg & tofu.
Volunteer is free to use kitchen for personage cooking.
By individual requirement, the single or twin room can be arranged.
  • The travel time to project from home is between 15-20 minutes by bus.

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