Type: Health: Rehalibitation - Country: Argentina

Brief description and main aims

The hospital volunteering of the Angel H. Roffo Institute of Oncology is a non-profit entity, created by Dr Perazzo in November 1972, and which has been in operation uninterruptedly for 46 years.
Dr Perazzo summoned a group of women, established a regulation and began the volunteer work. Currently (2018) there are 24 volunteers who attend the different services of the Institute weekly.
Its mission is to accompany the cancer patient and their relatives in the process of their diagnosis and treatment, collaborating with warmth and affection in various tasks, some administrative, such as speeding up their care in the management of shifts handling medical records. Other tasks in which they perform are entertainment and distraction to those who are hospitalized for chemotherapy treatment, offering art, painting and virtual reality workshops.
Always taking into account the framework in which the patient and their environment travels, a diagnosis that not only has physical implications, but also impacts and produces a wide variety of feelings.
With an active presence and collaborating in the various Functional Units of the Institute, our mission reflects a vocation that encourages us every morning to collaborate with the health team that is linked to cancer patients and their environment.

Main Activities

Volunteers collect and distribute donations, spend time with cancer patients and their families.

Volunteer tasks

They will have to work for 3 hours in the hospital and prepare activities such as games or reading sessions at home. Different tasks are performed such as reading aloud to patients, taking care of the children of the visiting families, accompanying the diagnosis and treatment process, etc.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

  • Basic intermediate Spanish level
  • Sensitivity to family and personal problems
  • Flexibility to adapt to the structure and way of working in Latin America
  • Teamwork
  • Creative and motivated person
  • Equipped to provide sincere companionship and affection
  • Listend capacity


This project is located in the public hospital of oncology Ángel H. Roffo in Villa del Parque. It is connected to the public university UBA. and therefore there is medical students, physicians, adult patients, and their families. The hospital has a program of permanent volunteering led by a group of 24 local volunteers

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers are received in our volunteer house, located in the City of Buenos Aires. They usually take their lunch at the project. It is important to be flexible in eating local food. For the rest of the meals, they will have what is necessary to cook in our house. Get ready to live in a community environment!

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