Sure Starts Children's Centre (TZA-37)

Type: Education: Primary school - Country: Tanzania

Brief description and main aims

Sure Starts Children’s Centre is a private facility that offers day-care & pre-school educationfor the regular and kids with special needs aged between 2 –5 years.The number of the kids is dynamic, last year the centre hosted 28 kids, and 10 staff members.
Their curriculum is based on the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) and is designed to foster the emotional, physical, social, intellectual and creative development of each child.All classes are taught in English.
The school also offers extra curriculum activities for parents, such as trainings and workshops on child protection, first aid, teenagers education, bulling issues and other subjects.
In order to help children from poorer backgrounds, the project also runs a charity called Maisha Leo, which provides after school classes such as communication, debate, art,music and language classes for primary government schools.
Liz Mleli, who is Managing Director of the project, founded the school in 2012.

Main Activities

The school’s mission is to nurture every child’s desire to learnexperiment, play and gain independence. They believe that children need a safe as well as inspiring atmosphere in which to grow so they can develop their potential to the fullest in life.

They also believe that children should have the opportunity to play safely yet at the same time,
participate in stimulating activities, which will lay a foundation for their schooling.

Sure Starts Children’s centre is a private facility with no assistance from the government. It hosts 16 members of the staff and the fees that the students’ families pay cover their salaries.

On the other side, Maisha Leo doesn’t have specific sources of funding and only 2 members of the staff are working in the charity.

Volunteer tasks

Volunteers can assist in a number of areas:

  • Supporting the local teachers with English and other subjects
  • Teaching creative disciplines, such as arts and crafts, drawing, music, dancing, drama or singing
  • Playing with the children
  • Planning and implementing the extra curriculum activities Maisha Leo organizes, such asdebate, art, language or music classes 
Volunteers normally work Mondays to Fridays for no more than 6 hours a day.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

This project is suitable for volunteers who:

  • Are at least 18 years of age at the time of arrival
  • Have an advanced knowledge of spoken and written English
  • Enjoy spending time with children
  • Willing to work with kids with disability 
Having previous teaching experience is a requirement if volunteers want to teach classes independently.


Kindondoni,  Dar  es  Salaam.  The  school  is  located near to the speedy bus stop called Morocco and the centre   of   Dar   can   easily be   reached   with   a   20 minutes  by  daladala (local minibus). It  is  also  easy  to  go  to Mikocheni,  Oyster  Bay  and  Masaki,  where  all  the best western restaurants and cafes are located.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers will stay with host families. Host families provide  2  meals  a  day,  while  volunteers  will  have lunch at the project. Usually, volunteers use public transport from/to the project. 

More Information

ATMs are available in the area. Volunteers can bring toys, clothes and books for the children supported by the charity.

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